More Than Half of Cleveland Read Below 7th Grade Level

A 2009 report prepared by the Poverty Center for the Literacy Cooperative was referenced by WCPN NPR ideastream’s story “More than half of Cleveland Residents Read Below a 7th Grade Level” on May 2, 2016.

As discussed in the NPR story, a recent study revealed one in five people in Cleveland have not completed high school education and one of the reasons for this is poor reading skills. The Center’s literacy report shows 69% of adults in the City of Cleveland read at or below a seventh grade level. People with low levels of literacy often have difficulty obtaining or keeping even minimum wage jobs or attending programs to develop skills.

Download the Poverty Center’s Executive Summary Literacy Update for Cuyahoga County.

This 2009 report was also referenced by the Cleveland Plain Dealer in a story from spring of 2012. At that time, the Center updated some of the research on literacy levels. The image above is a map from that update.