New Funding For PERI Means More Agencies Can Receive Assistance

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Introduced in November 2015 to a gathering of more than two dozen Cleveland-area social service administrators and leaders, the Partnership for Evaluation, Research, and Implementation (PERI) is designed as a high-quality, low-cost program evaluation resource center for child- and family-focused nonprofit organizations seeking assistance with program outcomes, quality improvement, and implementation. These services are essential for program funding and development for smaller organizations with budget or staffing constraints.

Initial funding for the program was provided by the George Gund, Saint Luke’s, and William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundations. In November 2017, Trustees of the George Gund Foundation generously approved an additional two-year grant to support the PERI Initiative.  With this new funding, additional social service agencies can apply for PERI services, with much of the project costs covered by foundation funding.

Founded by Research Associate Professor Jeff Kretschmar, PhD, and Patrick Kanary, Begun Center Advisory Board Member and former Director of the Center for Innovative Practices, PERI assists community-based behavioral health agencies, juvenile courts and other nonprofits demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs and services, which can improve an agency’s ability to effectively advocate for continued financial support for their programs. Located at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, PERI provides these services via a team of expert evaluators and program implementation specialists with a focus on agencies serving children and families. In addition to Kretschmar, Research Associates Rebecca Bray and Ashley Bukach provide these evaluation and implementation services.

During its first two years, PERI partnered with Adoption Network Cleveland, Golden Ciphers, Providence House, City Mission, Murtis Taylor, and West Side Catholic Center.

Read more about how PERI has been able to provide assistance to these organizations.

Agencies interested in partnering with PERI for the upcoming second cohort can visit, and may contact Jeff Kretschmar at with questions.