NIMC’s Joseph Talks to Marketplace about NYC Poor Door Ban

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has banned the development of poor doors, or separate entrances for low-income and market-rate residents in newly constructed affordable housing buildings. According to the new policy entered into law on June 25th, developers will no longer receive the tax break afforded to them for building the mixed-income development if the buildings are built with separate entrances for residents of different income levels.  The National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities has followed this issue since its inception and Director, Mark Joseph commented on the poor door issue and ban on Marketplace. He said the issue is more about the goal of affordable housing in New York City, “If the developer is going to produce those 30 units separately, but do it in a building that is as high quality, and in a thriving, revitalizing neighborhood, that’s one question.” If there is a larger goal about integration across incomes, then it is more effective to have people living in the same building.