Our thoughts are with Louis Stokes

Yesterday, former U.S. Representative Louis Stokes, Ohio’s first black congressman and a Distinguished Visiting Professor on our faculty who regularly lectures classes on the civil rights movement and community activism, released a statement that he has been diagnosed with lung and brain cancer.

“We have been fortunate to know Louis Stokes as a colleague and friend at the Mandel School,” said Dean Cleve Gilmore, pictured on right with Mr. Stokes at the 90th birthday party thrown at the school last February for the civil rights legend. “He is a gentle man but one who is a courageous fighter for those in need. His example by word and deed has inspired us and our students.”

Please join the school in keeping him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. If you’d like to leave a message of encouragement, you can do so on Facebook or email a message to Dean Gilmore’s aid Kristina Soja (Kristina.Soja@case.edu).