Plain Dealer Article Highlights CWRU Study on the Negative Effects of Poor Housing on Kindergarten Readiness

Claudia Coulton, co-director of the Poverty Center, was interviewed for “Bad housing—not just due to lead poisoning—tied to lower kindergarten test scores,” an article by The Plain Dealer featuring the Poverty Center’s recent study as a part of their series Toxic Neglect.

In the report Leveraging Integrated Data Systems to Examine the Effect of Housing and Neighborhood Conditions on Kindergarten Readiness, Claudia Coulton, Francisca Richter, Seok Joo Kim, Robert Fischer, and Youngmin Cho examine the effects of housing deterioration on elevated lead levels and kindergarten readiness.

“The Case study points to the need for community leaders to pay closer attention to early warning signs that children are living in distressed housing,” Coulton said.  She suggested the city could integrate its data concerning high lead risk houses with other organizations’ data on indicators of housing deterioration to create an “early warning system” to monitor properties posing a high risk for children.

Nonprofit Quarterly also commented on the Plain Dealer story in a feature as well as the Poverty Center report.

To read more about the study, click here. The report brief is available here.

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