Poverty Center Joins Infant Mortality Research Studies

Ohio’s infant mortality rate is one of the five worst in the country, and it is especially bad for African-American children. In order to combat the problem, the State of Ohio launched the Infant Mortality Research Partnership (IMRP) in early 2016 to fund projects to better inform action. As experts in using multi-system administrative data, the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development at the Mandel School is involved with two IMRP research studies.

In the first study, led by Dr. Larry Kleinman at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Poverty Center researchers are conducting analytic modeling work to identify early markers that are predictive of risk for infant death.

The second study, led by Dr. Josh Hawley at Ohio State University, uses a systems modeling approach to examine the benefits of interventions like progesterone and safe sleep initiatives to decrease infant deaths.

Being able to more effectively predict which pregnant women and which babies are at higher risk of infant death, as well as understanding the contributions, potential consequences, and impact interventions that are most effective, can hopefully save lives.