Poverty Center Researcher Beth Anthony Describes How Social Workers Can Help Families Navigate Foreclosure

Image of Elizabeth Anthony, PhD

Mid-April, phys.org debuted the post Study suggest social workers could help families navigate foreclosure, protect the American Dream. This post featured the Poverty Center’s research assistant professor, Elizabeth Anthony.

“The loss of one’s home fundamentally destabilizes a family unit and that has implications for school, work, and community connections,” shares Anthony.

The study, which analyzed service professionals’ descriptions of how foreclosure affects families, suggests that social work services could be beneficial in helping families navigate the emotional and financial impact of the experience.

The research suggests while foreclosure is devastating, families continue to strive toward future homeownership and the desire to attain the American Dream, commonly represented by home ownership.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-04-social-workers-families-foreclosure-american.html#jCp