Printing at the Mandel School (and across campus)

We would like to inform or remind all students about printing at the Mandel School and around campus.

CWRU uses a cloud printing solution called WEPA, which allows you to print from any computer with an Internet connection and gives you more printing options, including double-sided and color printing.

There is a WEPA printing kiosk on the first floor of the Mandel Building, located outside the Harris Library, and there are other kiosks all over campus.

Please visit, to read about the options to print from your laptop, from your mobile device, or from your home computer.  You can also email documents to the WEPA printer, or print directly from the WEPA kiosk using a USB drive.  All library computers also print to the WEPA kiosks.

The WEPA kiosk does not accept cash. You can pay for print jobs in one of three ways:

1) Create a WEPA account, which can be set up at any time at

Click on “LOG IN” at the top right.  Select Case Western Reserve University from the drop down menu, and log in using your CWRU network ID and password.

You can add funds by clicking on the “menu” icon and selecting “deposit funds.”  On the next screen, you will provide your credit or debit card information and select the dollar amount you wish to deposit. We suggest starting with the $5 minimum; you can always add more later if necessary.

2) Load money on your student ID card  – read about the CaseCard program at

To set this up the first time, you must go to Access Services in Crawford Hall.

3) Use a major credit or debit card directly at the WEPA kiosk.  **please note there is a 40 cent surcharge per print job if you choose this option**

WEPA printing costs are:

-Black and white single sided — $0.07 per page

-Black and white double sided — $0.13 per page

-Color single sided — $0.49 per page

-Color double sided — $0.78 per page

Please stop by the Harris Library if you have any questions or need any assistance. If you choose to set up a WEPA account, please make sure to do it well before your first assignment is due.