Standing Tall for Social Justice Movement

The Standing Tall for Social Justice movement grew out of a joint collaboration between Faculty and Students at the Mandel School. The powerful statement below was crafted by Mandel School students in response to the contentious political climate and serves as a call to action – for students, staff, and faculty – as leaders of social justice and agents of change.

What? You can join the movement by contributing your voice in response to the first question posed on the Standing Tall Wall: What will you do in the next 100 days to engage in social justice and why?

Where? The Standing Tall Wall is the glass wall on the first floor of the Mandel School, just beyond the front desk when you enter the building, next to the staircase.

How? Write your response to this week’s question on a provided post-it and put it on the wall. Online, intensive weekend, or students not on campus this week should send their responses to or tweet us at @CollectiveATSJ with the hashtag #StandingTallWall. Any responses received via e-mail or Twitter will be added to the wall.

What’s next? There will be a new question posed each week in the first 100 days post-inauguration that will reflect the voices of the movement and will foster our action as change agents. If you want to join the planning of the movement, please email to find out when the next meeting will take place.

Follow: Join the movement on Twitter @CollectiveATSJ.

Student Statement: Our school prides itself on our academic reputation, our stellar faculty, and being a local and national leader in the social welfare arena. While our performance in the first two capacities is great, it is our leadership that provides us the opportunity to be most influential. As students at MSASS, we believe that engaging in collective action related to the current political climate is imperative. The social work code of ethics outlines our dedication to the values of social justice and the dignity and worth of persons but these ethics have been overtly challenged and undermined throughout this election, and we fear how they will continue to be threatened after the inauguration. Given the fear, angst, and hatred that has been created by our current political environment, it is important that we demonstrate our leadership once more. Not only internally, but also to the community for whom we serve. It is not only our responsibility to be competent in this capacity, but to teach it, live it, and educate the community in which we serve so that they can become advocates for themselves.

Our hope is that the Standing Tall for Social Justice movement conceived and outlined by colleagues and mentors here at MSASS will be the catalyst for other forms of united political and social engagement. There is much work to be done, and we will need the support, guidance, and feedback of others to accomplish our goals. We are proud to be part of a community that is actively, thoughtfully cultivating social justice and upholding the other important values of social work and affiliated disciplines. This is an opportunity to publicly state this commitment, allow us to stand in solidarity with one another, and remind us of our accountability to do this work.

[This message was sent in solidarity and support to the entire Mandel School community by the following faculty and fellow students: Anna Bender, Kristen Berg, Jamie Cage, Tyrone Hamler, Leon Harris, Megan Holmes, Jennifer King, Dana Prince, Weidi Qin, Leigh Taylor, Aviva Vincent, Laura Voith, and Miyoung Yoon.]