Student Programming Assistant: Poverty Center

CHILD Integrated Data System

The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development has an opening for a Student Programming Assistant to work on the ChildHood Integrated Longitudinal Data System (CHILD).  This position offers a unique opportunity to build analytic skills while working with a research data collection that (1) is big, (2) is complex, (3) has impact on community policy. CHILD was developed as part of the Cuyahoga County Invest in Children Program.  The system incorporates administrative data from 17 agencies, providing integrated data on over 500,000 children. The data are used to evaluate outcomes, drive decision making, target resources, and gain an understanding of how the collective work of agencies and systems are addressing the needs of the community.

The CHILD system uses the SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software system.  The Student Assistant will work closely with Programmer Analysts at the Poverty Center to:

    Create SAS macros to automate the data matching procedures so that less user input and interaction will be required.

    Evaluate matching software that might be available to replace the matching algorithms that we are currently using, or explore ways of using SAS and our current algorithms to improve our matching procedures.

    Upgrade the CHILD system by including more complete information from the 17 contributing county data systems.

    Assist in designing an expanded system that will include both children and their families.

This position requires experience with computer programming, and some training/experience with large databases.  On-the-job training in SAS will be provided.  The position is ongoing, 10-20 hours per week throughout the academic year, and 30-40 hours per week during breaks and throughout the summer.  The position is available immediately.  Please forward all resumes to Nina Lalich at