Student Spotlight: Abby Assmus

Program: MSSA, Full-Time 2nd Year – Health / Dual Bioethics

Hometown: Brook Park, OH

Why social work? “I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how. Then I went on the India study abroad trip as an undergraduate at Case, which exposed me to the Mandel School. After I graduate, I want to work with health policy and end-of-life decisions – or anything that combines social work and health.”

Favorite thing about Cleveland? “All the museums! I really like the University Circle area.”

Fun Fact: “I was a history and English major in undergrad, but then wanted to do something less research-based. Right now I’m doing research on the history of faculty at the Mandel School. I spent all summer going to the university archives to find information there.”

Ask Abby about: The Student Run Free Clinic (she’s on the board!) or her work for the Office of Institutional Development.