Student Spotlight: Carolyn R. Dixon

Name: Carolyn R. Dixon

Program: MSSA, Online

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Why social work? My entire life desire has been to become a social worker. I have a servant’s heart and have felt I can make an impact on others lives through social work.  Unfortunately my journey was sidetracked and I did not get my Bachelor’s degree in Social work but Business Management.  I was not fulfilled with this degree and made the decision to return to school as an older adult.  I received my first Master’s degree in Addiction Counseling and have been quite comfortable with treating this population; however after several years, I have decided to broaden my scope of practice and return to my childhood dream of becoming a social worker. I applied to Case for the MSSA program and I am 7 weeks from completing my program and finally making my dream a reality.

Favorite thing about Cleveland? I would have to say Case Western Reserve, since I am not from Cleveland and have only visited there a few times.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is you would never believe I am 59 years old with 6 grandchildren!