Student Spotlight: Ean Pokryfky

Program: MSSA, Full-Time 2nd Year – Health

Hometown: Saline, Michigan

Why social work? “I chose social work because I was making a career change after coming out of the Army and I wanted to do something personally fulfilling. The most fulfilling thing to me was finding a job that focused on helping others. I want to work with veterans in a health setting and ultimately run a hospital one day.”

Favorite thing about Cleveland? “My favorite thing about Cleveland is the variety between the neighborhoods and the sense of loyalty and community that Cleveland residents feel towards Cleveland.”

Fun Fact: “I was an Army officer for four years, stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I was also in Afghanistan for nine months. I was stationed at a base close to the river where Alexander the Great’s army marched on its way to India.”

Ask Ean about: SUAV (Students United to Advocate for Veterans) – he’s one of the co-founders!