Student Spotlight: Emily Hunter

Program: MSSA, 12-month Advanced Standing program – Adult Mental Health

Hometown: Canfield, OH

Why social work? “I chose social work because I started out in special education and found myself worrying that no one was advocating for them properly. One day, there was a boy found in the middle of winter in a car with no coat who was in the program at school. I wanted to do something for him, but was told it wasn’t my job. So I switched majors because I wanted to make a meaningful impact. My field placement right now is at Cornerstone of Hope, and I love grief work, but I really want to work in mental health after graduation.”

Favorite thing about Cleveland? “I’m a huge Cavs fan – so Cleveland sports are my favorite! Also, I’m discovering the MetroParks. Their running trails, especially in the fall, are so beautiful.”

Fun Fact: “I’m a really good cook. Mostly I make a lot of Italian food – like chicken parmesan – since my stepdad is Italian and he taught me how to cook.”