Student Spotlight: Junko Shimizu

Program: MSSA, Full-Time 2nd Year – Health / Dual MNO
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Why social work? “Before coming to Cleveland, I worked at a hospital in Japan. My undergraduate degree was in community and human services. I decided to study at Case to improve my skills in English. Since being in the program, my interest has changed – I want to do more program development, especially related to mental and behavioral health. This semester, I am starting my MNO practicum at the Cleveland Foundation, and last year I worked with Asian Services in Action, working with immigrants and refugees.”
Favorite thing about Cleveland? “I enjoy the weather, especially right now with the summer weather! (I hate the winter.) I also enjoy watching basketball and baseball!”
Fun Fact: “I like cooking and I look trying to cook different cuisines – Asian cuisines, and American. My favorite food to cook is Asian food!”
Ask Junko about: LINK (she’s a member!)