Student Spotlight: Kelly Schmidt

Name: Kelly Schmidt

Program: MSSA, 1st Year Full Time, Community Practice

Hometown: Fremont, Wisconsin

Why social work? I started undergraduate studies in psychology, but felt like something was missing. I wanted to work in a helping profession, but with more of a focus on community. I discovered macro social work after I started my service in the Peace Corps; it was very much an ‘aha’ moment. I love being able to make connections within a community, analyze and work with a community for positive change where the ideas come from its members.

Favorite thing about Cleveland? The people! I appreciate the kind atmosphere overall that I feel here. I have felt welcomed since the first day I arrived within the Case community and in Cleveland. It feels like home because it reminds me so much of how I grew up.

Fun Fact: I’ve played piano since I was nine. Also, I’m very passionate about cheese 🙂