Student Spotlight: Khalil Brown

Program: MSSA, 18-month Advanced Standing program – Children, Youth & Families

Hometown: East Cleveland, OH

Why social work? “A lot of people in high school told me they saw me doing something that involves helping people. I like to write, and so my major at first was English – but I mostly wanted to use writing as a therapeutic tool. I talked to the chair of the social work department, and she gave me an overview of what social work is and isn’t. The next day, I declared a social work major. Since then, I’ve had nothing but positive experience after positive experience. My field placement is at Beech Brook school-based within Harvey Rice elementary school. I want to do school-based work after graduation, and I thought I wanted to work with high schoolers, but the little kids are bringing me around to their side.”

Favorite thing about Cleveland? “All the neighborhoods – I’ve never had a bad experience in Cleveland.”

Fun Fact: “I ate a scorpion once in my sophomore year of high school. No, it wasn’t alive. It had a peculiar taste.”