Student Spotlight: Leah Adams

Name: Leah Adams

Program: Dual Degree: MSSA/MNO, Full Time, Direct Practice, Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Why social work? I pursued the social work profession because I have a deep passion for people in need whether it is physically, emotionally, cognitively or psychologically. I want to shine positive light on every individual I come in contact with, alleviate suffering of individuals and help children live a life that is not defined by a disorder.

Favorite thing about Cleveland? My favorite thing about Cleveland is the endless amount of hope, pride and love we have for our city. If I had to pick a top 5 favorite Cleveland spots it would be Townhall on West 25th, Mitchell’s Ice Cream (yes, I will go with anyone, anytime & in any season), Tommy’s on Coventry, the Cleveland Museum of Art and any of the Metro Parks!

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I am training for my FIRST Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon on May 21st 2017!