Student Spotlight: Pearlresia Alexander

Program: MSSA, 1st Year Full Time, Health (specifically minority health)

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Why social work? The MSSA program fell into my lap. I always knew I wanted to help people but did not know how. I’m undergrad I had a professor that recommended that I apply for this program. I visited the campus & sat in on a class & met with professors & I knew MSASS would give me the proper tools to be able to help disenfranchised people.

Favorite thing about Cleveland? The love of the city. I’ve been here my entire life and there’s no place like it. Growing up I hated it here but once I left, I missed it so much. The changing of leaves, all four seasons in one week, the passion for sports & passion of Clevelanders in general is something I’ll always love.

Fun Fact: I played the flute, clarinet, & the piano when I was a kid.