Student Spotlight: Seungjong Cho

Program: PhD Social Welfare – 4th Year Doctoral Student
Focus of Study: “I have an urban poverty focus, especially related to community development and community mental health. My dissertation is about the effects of a neighborhood on the depressive symptoms of people living in that environment. Previous studies have found that poverty is associated with mental health disadvantages.”
Why a PhD in Social Welfare? “After getting my MSW in South Korea, I worked as a researcher in one of the biggest nonprofit organizations in the country – Good Neighbors – for two and a half years in the planning and marketing department. I found that I wanted to be more independent, maybe the principle investigator on a project. This drove my desire to pursue a PhD. I also have a strong desire to be a mentor for undergraduate students.”
Favorite thing about Cleveland? “Basketball! It’s also my favorite hobby. I like playing three-on-three outdoors.”
Fun Fact: “My wife is also a doctoral student here in her first year, and we have a four year old daughter. I’ve had a chance to spend a lot more time with her as we both balance being students.”