Student Spotlight: Taylor Hartman

Program: MSSA, Full-Time 2nd Year – Adult Mental Health
Hometown: Youngstown, OH
Why social work? “I wanted to be able to improve and impact people in a practical way, to make a difference on a small and large level. I have always been interested in social issues and the mind. I studied psychology and sociology in undergrad, so there’s a lot of overlap there with social work. My current placement is with the Emily Program in Beachwood – it’s the only evidence-based treatment center designed for eating disorders and body issues. I love it! I also love research. I’m considering a PhD soon, too.”
Favorite thing about Cleveland? “I love that people are very enthusiastic about the arts. They are very supportive and everything is so quick to get to and accessible.”
Fun Fact: “In my spare time, I like to do drag performances. It’s therapeutic – wig therapy!”
Ask Taylor about: The Primary Healthcare and Behavioral Healthcare Task Force grant