Campus Employment Opportunity: School of Dental Medicine

The Dental School is in search of 6 Graduate students to proctor extend time exams this Fall.  The events would be several times during the semester and pays $10.60 hr.  Proctors would be permitted to study quietly during these examinations.  They want Graduate Students that are reliable and not seeking degrees in either the Dental or Medical fields.

Location: Dental School

Phone: 216 368 6136

Contact person:  Cheryl Silas;

Position/Job Title:   Testing Center Proctor

Description:  Proctor exams on an as-needed basis, with the anticipation of several during the academic year. Exams times will vary based on course schedule and accommodation of the student(s), therefore may be longer than class schedule. Proctor must maintain confidentiality of the student(s) and the exam materials.  Proctors are permitted to study quietly during exam time, but must also be attentive to student activities and inquiries.  Proctors will distribute, monitor, then collect and secure testing materials on the day of an exam.  Proctors will deliver completed exams to appropriate staff member(s).

Required Skills:  Good interpersonal skills, organized, attention to detail, and be responsible for showing up to scheduled shift time.  Maintain confidentiality at all times regarding the exam materials and the identity of the students taking the exams.

Hourly Rate: $10.60