Mandel School in the Media: March 2019

Exterior of Mandel School

Faculty and researchers at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School make headlines every day for work that advances social justice and creates a more just world.

Check out some of the top stories from the past month:

Politics: Jane Timmons-Mitchell

March 1
Do Politics and Dating Mix? Cleveland Native Says Yes, Creates DonaldDaters Dating App
Fox 8 Cleveland
Now there are dating apps that are looking to help people maneuver the political divide. Jane Timmons-Mitchell of the Mandel School’s Begun Center for Violence Research Prevention and Education says the idea of selecting somebody to date based on a common interest is not new.
Read about the app and its place in today’s political climate

Domestic Violence: Laura Voith

March 4
Strong Reaction to the News 5 Documentary 'The System: A Call for Help' About Domestic Violence
WEWS Channel 5 Cleveland
After viewing a Cleveland documentary about survivors of domestic violence, Laura Voith of the Mandel School’s Center on Trauma and Adversity suggests support systems in the community are lacking, leaving survivors to feel threatened.
Learn more about the documentary and its effects

Child Abuse: Jane Timmons-Mitchell

March 7
‘It Makes Me Feel Guilty': West York Neighbors Unaware of 'House of Horrors'
York Daily Record (PA)
York Daily Record
Evening Sun

Neighbors react to authorities removing children from a house after police allege a father beat five of them and kept them locked in a urine-soaked bedroom. Jane Timmons-Mitchell of the Mandel School’s Begun Center says it can be hard for neighbors to tell when children are being abused or neglected.
Learn more about the community’s reactions to child abuse

Police Reports: Rachel Lovell

March 8
More Than 6,000 Cleveland Police Reports Getting Another Look
WEWS Channel 5 Cleveland
Rachel Lovell of the Mandel School’s Begun Center and her team set to analyze more than 6,300 Cleveland Police reports for signaling language, or hints, that could cast doubt on sexual assault victims’ claims.
Read about research being done on signaling

March 22
CWRU Researchers Work to Analyze “Signaling Language” in Sexual Assault Cases
The Observer (CWRU)
Researchers from the Mandel School’s Begun Center have received a $715,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). This grant will fund their project to use artificial intelligence to find signaling-language patterns in police reports included in Sexual Assault Kits. Rachel Lovell and Misty Luminais discuss the project.
Learn more about the grant to study signaling language

Sexual Assault: Begun Center Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Team

March 10
Cuyahoga County Sexual Assault Kit Task Force Nears Indictment in 800th Victim’s Case: By the Numbers
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cuyahoga County’s Sexual Assault Task Force is close to an indictment in an 800th victim’s case. The prosecutor’s office has gotten $7 million in federal justice department grants to investigate and prosecute the cases, support victims through the process, and to partner with the Mandel School’s Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education research team to gather statistics and study cases for trends that could lead to a better understanding of offending patterns and more successful future investigations in rape cases.
Learn about the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative’s role

College Admission Bribery Scandal: Robert Fischer

March 13
Charity Was Used as Cover for College Bribery Scandal, Prosecutors Say
Orange County Register
Los Angeles Daily News
Whittier Daily News
Pasadena Star-News
Long Beach Press-Telegram
Riverside Press-Enterprise
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
San Jose Mercury News

Federal prosecutors contend the Key Worldwide Foundation provided a tax-free platform to launder bribes that bought rich kids spots in elite colleges. Robert Fischer of the Master of Nonprofit Organizations Program at the Mandel School says this kind of fraud is shocking but that tax fraud can be accomplished by for-profit and nonprofit entities alike.
Learn more about the scandal and the nonprofit sector

Child and Family Services: David Crampton

March 14
Aniya Day-Garrett Case Sparks Changes At Cuyahoga County Child Services
WCPN, Ideastream
The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as well as an independent child welfare panel appointed by Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish both found areas that need improvement at DCFS. David Crampton of the Mandel School was one of six experts on the county panel.
Hear how he and the advisory board plan to address systemic failures

Sex Trafficking: Rachel Lovell

March 20
What is sex trafficking? An explanation
Cincinnati Enquirer
Sex trafficking differs from prostitution. According to laws at the state and federal level, trafficking entails some sort of “coercion” whereas prostitution is considered voluntary by all parties involved. Rachel Lovell of the Mandel School’s Begun Center says estimating how many people are affected by sex trafficking are hard to pinpoint.
Learn more about why it is difficult to find reliable data on trafficking

Lead Poisoning: Robert Fischer

March 25
Case Western Study to Focus on Lead Paint Poisoning Correlation to Juvenile Delinquency
WEWS Channel 5 Cleveland
The latest direction by the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development at Case Western Reserve University’s Mandel School is to try to correlate the relationship between lead paint poisoning in children and juvenile delinquency later in life. Earlier studies led by the Poverty Center’s Rob Fischer, concluded 25 percent of kindergartners in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District have a significant lead poisoning history.
Read on about the upcoming research

Pay for Success: Robert Fischer

March 26
Ohio Treasurer Aims to Help Tackle Drug Addiction and Other Social Problems
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Pay for Success programs are set up to try to attract private investment for social programs designed with a focus on delivering measurable results. Robert Fischer, director of the Mandel School’s Master of Nonprofit Organizations, says Pay for Success nationwide is still a work in progress, since many programs are still being evaluated. But he said interest and optimism in the idea behind it remain high.
Learn more about Pay for Success

Data Days: Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development

March 26
Data Days CLE Engages Community in Effort to Make Data Accessible, Open; Offers Training April 15
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Data Days CLE was born four years ago in response to a growing urgency to make data more publicly accessible and to transparently include data in civic decision-making. The full day of sessions government, arts, and nonprofit and research institutions, like the Mandel School’s Poverty Center, and more.
Read more about who will be at Data Days and how to get involved