Urban Integration Across Race and Class

headshot of Mark L. Joseph

Two recent publications from Mark Joseph, the Mandel School’s founding director of the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities, aim to equip policymakers and practitioners with strategies to promote more successful urban integration across race and class.

Joseph, the Leona Bevis and Margaret Haynam Associate Professor of Community Development, recently published a chapter in “Facing Segregation: Housing Policy Solutions for a Stronger Society,” an edited volume published by Oxford University Press. In it, he lays out the theoretical rationale for mixed-income development and then discusses the history, evidence and future implications of this anti-segregation approach.

The second publication is, “The organizational challenges of mixed-income development: privatizing public housing through cross-sector collaboration,” an article in Urban Research & Practice co-authored with Mandel School faculty colleague Amy Khare, Mandel School doctoral program alumna Jung Eun Kim and University of Chicago colleague Robert Chaskin. This article is on the operational side of mixed-income community building and provides prescriptions for more effective organizational collaboration.