Current Projects

PERI works with local nonprofit organizations to measure the success of programs and services provided to the community. We walk them through the process of identifying the key points of a program or service, how to measure its success, and where adjustments can be made to improve outcomes.

Effective Leadership Academy

Effective Leadership Academy logo

Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) provides short-term programming to young people in grades 5-12 to cultivate leadership skills that are not traditionally covered in the academic curriculum, including 21st century soft skills, social-emotional learning, and life skills. Distinct leadership programs are offered during the school year, in the summer, and for youth going through transitions. Due to Covid-19, ELA's programming shifted from an in-person format to online delivery.

PERI is working with ELA to examine knowledge gain and satisfaction with programming for youth who participated in ELA online programming in 2020 using pre and posttest data previously collected by ELA. Online data will be compared to in-person data when possible. In addition, PERI will provide guidance for improving survey collection tools and procedures moving forward.

Eliza Bryant Village

Eliza Bryant Village logo

Eliza Bryant Village, an anchor in Cleveland's Hough neighborhood for over 125 years, is the oldest operating African American-founded long-term care facility in the United States. The services they offer to seniors include skilled nursing, memory-care, rehabilitation, dialysis, independent living, home care, and community outreach. Additionally, in 2020, Eliza Bryant Village opened an Elder Justice Center to provide temporary, safe housing and support services for older adults experiencing abuse, trauma, violence, and/or criminal victimization.

Eliza Bryant Village's PERI project is focused on evaluation consultation for the Elder Justice Center. PERI is working with Eliza Bryant Village to identify data collection tools and items to assess the impact of their emergency shelter and social services on the older victims they serve, as well as appropriate data collection time points. The goal is to develop an evaluation plan that produces sufficient and meaningful data, while also minimizing data collection burden on staff and clients.

Golden Ciphers

Golden Ciphers logo

Golden Ciphers is the first agency to submit a proposal (and be accepted) to participate in the PERI program for a second time. Golden Ciphers is seeking services related Rites of Passage Programming, which include co-ed alumni of other agency services and their family members, as well as volunteers and interns. The agency is beginning to offer this program to the re-entry population, several Cleveland Metropolitan School Districts, and as a juvenile diversion program. The program involves a commitment to Golden Ciphers as lifetime members, completion of ritual activities, a test, and community service learning projects.

PERI is collaborating with Golden Ciphers to design an evaluation plan to measure the impact of ROP and the Nguzo Saba principles on which ROP is based. Questions created by PERI will be pilot tested and used to provide Golden Ciphers with preliminary findings. Data entry and summary systems will be created to enable Golden Ciphers to continue to collect and utilize ROP survey data moving forward.