TIP 35: Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

TIP 35 embraces a fundamentally different way to conceptualize motivation. In this approach, motivation is viewed as a dynamic and changeable state rather than a static trait. This publication shows how clinicians can influence this change process by developing a therapeutic relationship, one that respects and builds upon the client's autonomy and, at the same time, makes the treatment counselor a participant in the change process.

TIP 35 also describes different motivational interventions that can be used at all stages of change, from pre-contemplation and preparation to action and maintenance. The goal of this TIP is to make readers aware of the research, results, and promise of motivational interventions in the hope that they will be used more widely in clinical practice and treatment programs across the United States.

This publication is part of SAMHSA's "Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series.

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