Triple Aim Impact Consulting

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A Joint Venture of Trusted Space Partners and National Initiative on Mixed Income Communities

Our Value Proposition

TSP and NIMC work with policymakers, owners, managers, residents and other partners of mixed income developments to articulate and advance a Triple Aim goals framework.

  • Operating Efficiency: Increased Property Revenue and Reduced Property Costs
  • Community Transformation: Physical, Economic, and Social Revitalization
  • Individual Transformation: Social and Economic Advancement of All Residents

Our core innovation and expertise is to help shift the operating culture from a focus on
compliance and needs based services to one of shared aspiration.

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Available Services

Staff and Resident Engagement

Shaping New Intentional Spaces and Practices for Co-Investment in the Housing Community

Strategic Communications

Crafting New Messaging, Communications and Learning Tools for Triple Aim Integration Company-wide

Staff Development and Collaboration

Providing Capacity Development and Identifying New Triple Aim Protocols/System Fixes for Site Staff Operations

Organizational Alignment

Designing Vertical and Horizontal Alignment Strategies to Achieve Triple Aim Impact Across Business Lines Throughout the Organization


Documenting and Evaluating the Impact of the Triple Aim Framework and Operating Culture Shift


Frankie Blackburn and Bill Traynor standing together


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