Collaborative Projects


In its effort to reach out to other universities, the Mandel School has entered into goodwill agreements with various institutions around the world. These MOUs, or memorandums of understanding, help provide mutual benefits to students, staff and faculty:


The Mandel School is one of seven U.S. programs chosen to help China build its social work education programs over the next five years. The Mandel School was chosen from 215 U.S. schools with accredited graduate social work programs that received invitations from the Council on Social Work Education to apply and submit proposals.

The project aims to assist the nation in preparing and graduating 3 million professional social workers by 2020. The China Collaborative is a partnership among the China Association for Social Work Education with the Council on Social Work Education’s Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education and the International Association of Schools of Social Work.

12/12 Update – The China–U.S. Social Work Collaborative conference opened on the campus of Peking University in Beijing, China, December 11, 2012. Members of the social work community from various regions in China met with their new partners from the United States to discuss the status of social work in China and listen to and share experiences with their counterparts.

Faculty Projects

Mandel School Professor Kathleen Farkas

Mandel School faculty are often invited to speak at international conferences and events around the world. The following is a list of faculty projects through the years:


David Biegel – Henry L. Zucker Professor of Social Work Practice

Presented at international conferences and workshops. Recently presented a lecture on families and co-occurring disorders at Pablo de Olivide University in Sevilla, Spain. Previously presented two papers at conferences in Israel.


Pranab Chatterjee – Emeritus Faculty; Grace Longwell Coyle Professor in Social Work

  • Invitation to serve – Senior Fulbright Scholar to India, September, 2007

  • Publishing a book on social development in India and Bangladesh

  • Instructor for SASS 609: Theories of Social Welfare (international content)

  • Instructor for SASS 534: Perspectives in Community Development (international content)

  • Delivered a seminar lecture on India, September 18, 2007


David Crampton – Associate Professor

June, 2007 – Met with U.S. and international researchers who are studying Family Group Conferencing in child welfare. Countries represented: Canada, England, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. The goal was to compare research questions and methods and work toward greater collaboration.

Crampton’s research has appeared in international publications, including Child and Family Social Work(University of Lancaster, England) and the International Journal of Child and Family Welfare, an official publication of the European Association for Residential and Foster Care for Children and Adolescents.


Victor Groza – Grace F. Brody Professor of Parent-Child Studies

Learn more about Victor’s international research and work in Romania through the years.

  • 1993: Brought social work educators and students to the Mandel School to assist in curriculum development in Romania

  • 1993-1996: Developed curriculum materials in Romania and distributed them to social work faculty

  • 1996-2006: Developed continuing education for social workers, social work students and faculty in Romania

  • 2000: Provided training and technical assistance to faculty member at an undergraduate social work program in Belize. Brought students to Belize the same year.

  • Provided child welfare training to social work students and faculty in Ukraine

  • Created publications and technical reports on various aspects of child welfare in Belize, Ukraine and Romania. Several articles were published in the native language of these countries.

  • Developed plans for training and technical assistance to faculty members for a social work program in Guatemala

  • 2005: International Course Instructor for SASS 575 – Adoption in the Netherlands

  • 2007: International Course Instructor for SASS 350/575 – Child Welfare in Ukraine

  • 2008: International Course Instructor for SASS 350/575 – Child Welfare in Guatemala


Peter Haas – Chair, Department of Religious Studies; Abba Hillel Silver Professor of Jewish Studies

2010: Served as a CWRU faculty instructor for a Spring Break study abroad course. Took a group of students to Israel to look at health care delivery in a multicultural society. Taught classes before, during and after the trip. Also included lectures/briefings by other professionals and political leaders while in country. A few of the students came from other universities.


M.C. “Terry” Hokenstad – Distinguished University Professor; Ralph S. and Dorothy P. Schmitt Professor

  • Extensively involved in international social work. Teaches an International Social Work

  • course

  • Serves as Professor of Global Health in the School of Medicine

  • 2002: Served as a consultant to the United Nations. Served as a member of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations World Assembly on Aging

  • President of the North American and Caribbean Region of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW). Served as treasurer and membership secretary.

  • Chaired the International Committee for the National Association of Social Workers

  • Written extensively on international themes. Served as editor-in-chief of the International Social Work Journal from 1985-1987. Served as co-editor of special issues for the journals of International Aging, Social Policy and Administration, Sociology and Social Welfare, and

  • Applied Social Science.

  • Publications: Includes six books and numerous articles, chapters and monographs in the fields of comparative social welfare, care of the elderly, and social work practice and education

  • Authored or edited eight books on international themes, including Issues in International Social Work: Global Challenges for a New Century; Gerontological Social Work: International Perspectives

  • Served as a Fulbright research scholar at the Institute of Applied Social Research in Oslo, Norway. Also served as a visiting scholar at the National Institute of Social Work in London, and as a senior Fulbright lecturer at Stockholm University in Sweden.

  • Taught and carried out research as a Canterbury fellow at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and as an academic visitor at the London School of Economics

  • Led citizens ambassador delegations of social workers and social work educators to China, Cuba, Japan, Russia, and South Africa. Also lectured in those countries, as well as in India and throughout Europe.

  • Worked with governmental agencies and universities in Canada, Hungary, the Philippines, and Sweden, as well as the U. S. Helped establish and evaluate PhD programs in social policy and social work.

  • Directed university affiliation programs funded by the U.S. Information Agency in Sweden and Hungary

  • Headed a multidisciplinary training and technical assistance project for health care professionals in 20 central and eastern European countries, funded by the Open Society Institute

  • Co-edited the Sage Handbook on International Social Work, a 680-page volume, in May, 2012

International Travel at the Mandel School

Deborah Jacobson – Assistant Professor

  • 1979-80: Undergraduate BSW study abroad to England. Traveled to the UK, Europe and Israel.

  • 1982: Traveled to Russia and Europe.

  • 2005-present: Developed SASS 350/575 Travel & Study Seminar. Created syllabi, course goals and objectives, assignments, pre- and post-trip meetings for the Netherlands Survey, Womens’ Health and Health Policy.

  • 2005: Survey for SASS 350 – Netherlands

  • 2006: Womens’ Health (SASS 350/575) – Netherlands. (Joint course with the Department of Bioethics). Also given secondary appointment in Bio Ethics.

  • 2006: Presentation on Netherlands study abroad courses, CSWE, APM

  • 2007: Program Director for international courses (SASS 350/575) – Netherlands and Ukraine

  • 2007: Health Course (SASS 350/575) – Netherlands

  • 2007: Summer CEU. Netherlands program in partnership with NYU

  • 2007/08: Director of International Education Programs

  • 2007/08: India, planning in partnership with SIUC

  • 2007/08: Greece, planning in partnership with CIF

  • 2006-2007: Assembled the application materials submitted to the CSWE’s Global School Social Work Education Commission for the Partners in Advancing Education for International Social Work Award. The award recognizes the work done by a large number of Mandel School faculty who are committed to providing international social work education experiences.


Mark Joseph – Assistant Professor

  • June, 2012: Presenting a paper in Lillehammer, Norway at the European Network on Housing Research. The paper is entitled Mixed-Income Development as a Neoliberal Experiment: New Challenges to Cross-Sector Collaboration.

  • October, 2010: Spoke at the University of Ghana-Legon on Anchor Institutions and Community Building in the U.S. – Expanding the University’s Anti-Poverty Role.

  • July, 2011: Presented at the European Network on Housing Research at the University of Toulouse, France on The New Stigma of Relocation Public Housing Residents: Challenges to Social Identity in Mixed-Income Developments.


Soad Mansour – Field Education Faculty Advisor

  • Taught in Social Work program in Cairo Egypt for 11 years

  • Worked with the UNESCO in Cairo for 2 years

  • Participated in the CIP program

  • Consultant to the UNICEF in Cairo for 6 years

  • Served as a consultant to both the Netherlands Embassy and Danish Embassy

  • Conducted a 10-session training at the invitation of the Fulbright Commission in Egypt

  • In a collaborative agreement between CIPUSA and Alliance for Arab Women, was one of three U.S. consultants to provide Management Training for Egyptian Women NGO Leaders

  • Participated in several international conferences in Egypt, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the U.S.

  • First director of the Mandel School Office of International Affairs since 1999. Responsibilities include working with international students and visiting scholars, and providing academic and mentorship support

  • Field advisor to international students

  • Advisor to LINK (Local INterational Konnection)

  • Leadership role in developing and planning the Dominican Republic program with schools of nursing, engineering, and Arts & Sciences. Participated in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

  • Initiated and led the first trip to El Salvador in December, 2006. Planned for a second trip to El Salvador, December, 2007.


Sharon Milligan – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor

  • Participated in study and travel abroad trips as a student at Spelman College. Worked for The American Forum for International Study (West Africa).

  • 35 years of leadership and participation in Travel & Study Immersion Experiences in Africa, Central and South America. Traveled with high school, college, and university students and faculty.

  • 1979: Council of International Fellows (CIF) — social work trip to Sweden

  • Co-led the International Conference in Salvador Bahai, Brazil, on Race, Ethnicity and Health: Challenges in Diabetes and Hypertension; Proceedings in the Journal of Ethnicity and Health

  • Immediate past chair, International Partners in Mission, (IPM) Cleveland Heights, Ohio

  • 2006: Co-led a visit to Kenya with Mandel School Assistant Dean Andrea Porter. This trip was designed for inner-city boys.

  • 2007-2008: Co-taught SASS 350/575 with Mandel School Assistant Dean Andrea Porter – Kenyan Women and Community Development



Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Case Western Reserve University, the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

In order to further promote the existing cultural and educational cooperation between Case

Western Reserve University, the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (CWRU) and Adam Mickiewicz

University in Poznan (AMU), these institutions hereby join in the following agreement on

educational and scientific cooperation.

The two universities will endeavor to cooperate in education and research in areas of mutual

interest. To the extent feasible, both universities will encourage direct contact and cooperation

between faculty members, research institutions and students. Specific areas of cooperation between

the two universities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Exchange of faculty and research scholars

  2. Exchange of students

  3. Joint research activities and lectures

  4. Participation in seminars and academic meetings

  5. Exchange of published academic materials and other information

  6. Special short-term academic programs

  7. Developing online libraries of materials and courses to be made available to faculty and

  8. students of both schools

The terms of this agreement is for five years.



The Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong

The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University


The University of Hong Kong and Case Western Reserve University recognize the value of academic

and cultural exchange between the two institutions. Participants wish to establish an agreement to

support and enhance research collaboration between the Department of Social Work and Social

Administration, HKU, the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, and Case Western Reserve

University. The agreement is designed to:

  • provide for a mutual exchange of faculty and staff members

  • assist in developing proposals for research collaboration

  • allow for the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • offer accommodations and orientation for visiting faculty and students

  • facilitate academic and cultural interchange and the exchange of research material



The Istanbul Kultur University

Case Western Reserve University

In recognition of the mutual benefits derived from scholarly interaction, the Istanbul Kultur

University and Case Western Reserve University agree to promote exchange arrangements for students

and faculty. The mutual agreement is designed to:

  • promote academic linkages and enrich the understanding of each country’s culture

  • provide for faculty and staff exchanges

  • support the need for joint research proposals


West University of Timisoara

The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

As institutions committed to higher education, research, and the promotion of culture, we wish

to encourage educational and research programs and also programs of exchange for faculty and

students between our respective institutions, and to further our mutual interests by cooperation on

an equal and mutual-help basis. The agreement is designed to:

  • encourage joint research, publications, and educational projects

  • facilitate the exchange of faculty, researchers, and students

  • collaborate in scientific programs and joint international research programs

  • exchange information in scientific and technical areas and scientific publications

  • organize study and cultural visits for student, alumnae, and faculty


The Paul Baerwald School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

In recognizing the value of academic and cultural exchange, the two universities wish to

establish an agreement to facilitate the exchange of faculty and students, and enhance research

collaboration. The terms of the agreement include:

  1. Faculty Exchange

  2. Research Collaboration

  3. Student Exchange

This agreement goes into effect for two years.