Kylie Evans

Kylie Evans obtained a BA in Communication from Wittenberg University (2006) and received her MSW from West Virginia University (WVU) (2009). Kylie’s direct practice experience has included work with survivors of intimate partner violence and their children, high-risk adolescents, and college students. Most recently, Kylie’s direct practice work has focused on first-generation college students involved with federal TRiO programs (Student Support Services and Upward Bound). In her recent work with SSS/TRiO at WVU, Kylie has worked on course and curriculum development for SSS participants, while supervising and facilitating the SSS Peer Mentor/service learning program. Prior to her involvement with TRiO programs, Kylie worked as a case manager, advocate, and prevention educator at a rural shelter for women and children exposed to family violence. Her experiences in this direct practice role laid the foundation for her academic research interests, which include protective factors in youth exposed to intimate partner violence, women’s health issues, and feminist scholarship. Advanced to candidacy in the Spring of 2020.

Recent Publications

Evans, K.E., Holmes, M.R., Prince, D., Groza, V. (2021). Social Work Doctoral Student Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Descriptive Study. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 16, 569-592.

Evans, K.E., King, J.A., Holmes, M.R. (in press). An evidence-informed framework for a pictorial child trauma victimization screener. Advances in Social Work.

Evans, K.E., Lee, H., Russell, K., Holmes, M.R., Bender, A.E., Berg, K.A., Prince, D. (in press). Adolescent dating violence among youth exposed to intimate partner violence: A Systematic Review. Journal of Family Violence.

Evans, K.E., Schmidt-Sane, M., Holmes, M.R., Bender, A.E., Berg, K.A. (in press). Children’s exposure to intimate partner violence and perceptions, acceptance, or appraisals of IPV: A systematic review. Journal of Family Violence.

Bender, A. E., Berg, K. A., Miller, E. K., Evans, K. E., & Holmes, M. R. (2021). “Making sure we are all okay”: Healthcare workers’ strategies for emotional connectedness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical Social Work Journal, 1-11.

Holmes, M. R., Berg, K. A., Bender, A. E., Evans, K. E., Kobulsky, J.M., Davis, A.P. (in press). The effect of intimate partner violence on children’s physical health and medical system engagement: A systematic review. Journal of Family Violence.