Sun Kyung Kim

Sun Kyung Kim graduated from Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea with BA in Social Work and also earned her MSW from Yonsei. During her MSW program, she took part in various research projects in collaboration with governmental research institutes. Most of these studies analyzed the effectiveness of social service programs among low-income families and investigated intervention methods to promote families’ quality of life. She served her internship as a mental health social worker at a hospital in South Korea. In her internship, Sun Kyung counseled clients with mental disability and organized programs that could help them recover their mental health status through enhancing their social support. Her primary research interests are mental health problems of socially-excluded people, especially low-income women. Sun Kyung is interested in the effect of poor women’s’ detrimental surroundings without any support for their health/mental health, the prevention of deterioration of their health/mental health, and enhancements of their quality of life. Sun Kyung is also interested in health disparities which are highly likely to appear in populations with low socioeconomic status.