Zaide Noel

Zaide Noel received his Masters of Social Work at Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in May of 2019. During his time at SUNO, he conducted research focused on mass incarceration and developed a mentor program proposal in order to combat fatherlessness due to incarceration.

Zaide’s direct service practice consists of working at Empowerment Behavioral Services (EBS), a behavioral health agency where he utilized therapeutic skills serving and advocating for fatherless African American young males and their families in the city of New Orleans.

Zaide is currently in the role of a Mitigation Specialist at Louisiana Center for Children's Rights where he is part of a legal defense team that provides client-centered representation to children who have been or are facing being sentenced to die in prison. He investigates and contextualizes children’s family history, social history, mental health, and childhood trauma etc. in order to provide a complete narrative of their life.

It is through Zaide’s lived experience, work experience, and his educational background that he has acquired research interest regarding childhood trauma and fatherlessness due to incarceration. He has a strong desire to eliminate institutional racism through influencing policy at the macro level. Zaide is passionate about helping develop African American male youth into husbands and fathers through mentorship in hope of strengthening the family dynamic and community as a whole.