Jiho Park

Jiho Park received her MA in social welfare from Seoul National University (SNU) in South Korea. Her master’s thesis investigated adolescents’ suicidal behavior with a focus on the mediating effects of social support and coping strategies. After graduating, she worked as social worker and counselor at SNU for 4 years, where she mainly facilitated mentoring programs to freshmen with adaptation difficulties in campus life. During her study and work at SNU, she was involved in a variety of research projects, one of which was to evaluate the effectiveness of early childhood intervention in impoverished families. Her primary research area focuses on vulnerable child and adolescent development and its related social welfare services and policies. She is especially interested in the relationships between housing/neighborhood and child development. Advanced to candidacy in the Spring of 2019.

Recent Publications

Yoon, D., Shipe, S., Park, J., & Yoon, M. (2021). Bullying patterns and their associations with child maltreatment types and adolescent behavioral health. Children and Youth Services Review, 129, 106-178.