Gregory Powers

Gregory Powers earned a BA in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College and an MSc. in psychodynamic developmental neuroscience from a joint program between the University College London and Yale. During his MSc. studies, he focused on the neuroscience of addiction and its reinforcement mechanisms as well as their relationship to impulsivity and sensation seeking. Gregory has been involved in a number research projects relating to the criminal justice system and substance use, including evaluations of the Milwaukee County Drug Court and the reentry needs of Baltimore City Jail inmates. He has also contributed to research regarding substance use epidemiology, most recently examining the effect of familial substance abuse density on the alcohol consumption patterns of college students and the risks of alcohol mixed with energy drinks vis-à-vis alcohol consumed alone.  Gregory’s interests include the quantitative evaluation of alternative sentencing projects, substance abuse epidemiology and treatment, and the interaction between substance policies and use outcomes. Advanced to candidacy in the Spring of 2019.

Recent Publications

Min, M. O., Albert, J. M., Lorincz-Comi, N., Minnes, S., Lester, B., Momotaz, H., Powers, G., Yoon, D., & Singer, L. T. (2021). Prenatal Substance Exposure and Developmental Trajectories of Internalizing Symptoms: Toddlerhood to Preadolescence. Drug and alcohol dependence, 218, 108411.

Singer, L. T., Min, M. O., Momotaz, H., Powers, G., Minnes, S., & Bearer, C. F. (2021). Association of fatty acid ethyl esters in meconium with behavior during childhood. Drug and alcohol dependence, 218, 108437.