Mandel School Research Posters

Helpful tip

Avoid large, solid blocks of dark colors. These tend to print darker than on-screen and can smudge easily after printed.

Poster Size and Format

The standard size poster is 56” X 42”. This Mandel School research poster template file is already sized correctly and contains the correct logo (and placement). If you must adapt this due to other requirements, please incorporate the same logo and placement. 

The PMS code for the blue lines and logo is: Red 10, Green 48, Blue 78.

Poster Submission & Review

Please email your ready-to-print poster to Sue Ambro or deliver on a flash drive to the Mandel Building, Suite 315.

Your poster will be reviewed for clarity, layout, font consistency, grammar and logo adherence (not content or statistics). Any suggested changes or an updated poster will be sent to the author.

Your poster will be returned by email. The author is responsible for printing.


Poster printing is available at the Freedman Center in the Kelvin Smith Library. They accept payment by CaseCash, cash, check or speedtype. Get the details.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Ambro.