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What Remote-Synchronous Instruction Means at the Mandel School

As of Friday, July 31st, the decision was communicated that most, if not all, MSSA and MNO courses will be delivered remotely in the 2020-21 academic year.

Remote-Synchronous Instruction Mode

Definition: Courses normally taught in-person, but due to emergency, 100% of the instructional contact hours will be delivered remotely, with the majority of contact hours delivered synchronously, via electronic communication or equivalent mechanisms with teaching staff physically separated from students. Students are expected to attend synchronous meetings at designated days and times.

Physical Space: Classrooms Available for Instructor Use

The option to reserve a classroom (without students in attendance) is being offered to any instructor who may feel they need to utilize the campus' Wi-Fi/ Internet, Classroom Technology, or a quiet space. If you would like to use a classroom for instruction, please email with your request.

Physical Space: Classroom Technology

The Mandel School classrooms are equipped with Zoom capability including built-in speaker/sound system and built-in video cameras, document cameras, and other software that might be helpful in your classroom instruction.

Training on Classroom Technology can be requested by emailing

In-Person, Traditional Instruction Mode

Definition: Courses in which the contact hours between faculty and students occur face-to-face and in-person.

It may be identified that the content of the course and the enrollment of students in the course would lend itself to an in-person, traditional experience. If your course is meeting in-person, you must adhere to the classroom capacity, social distancing, and mask wearing policies implemented at the University and Mandel School level.

Physical Space: In-Class Capacity and Social Distancing

The Mandel School classrooms are designed to fit 24 students, and with the physical distancing requirements our average in-class capacity is eight (8) students. 

Seats will be spaced out to account for the six-feet social distancing requirements, and plexiglass shields have been added near the podium.

Expectations & Recommendations for Remote-Synchronous Instruction at the Mandel School

Best Practice 

If copying over a Master Canvas Course for your section, you will want to clear the template from your Canvas course and wait to update the Canvas Template until the Master is copied over. Instructions for clearing the Canvas Template will come soon.


Set up your Zoom Meeting Information as soon as possible.

Best Practice

Use the new Zoom integration with Canvas to set up meetings within a Canvas course. Zoom meeting information and Zoom recordings can be found easily by students through the Canvas course with this integration.


Best Practice 

Lead Instructors should create a Master Canvas Course with Modules/Course Material set up to include the Atrio Videos and copied over into each section instructor’s Canvas Course.


Uploading Atrio Videos to Canvas via Echo360

Best Practice 

Create pre-recorded videos in 5 - 10 minute lecture segments for easier watching and re-visiting of specific topics. This will also cut down on errors or edits that may need to be cut out of recording.


Best Practice

The External Tool option in Modules is the best way to embed the video directly into a Module. The external tool option links the Echo360 integration directly into that segment, and as Instructor you can locate and choose the video you would like to link there.


Learning Community topics and Zoom information will be sent out prior to the event by Scott Wilkes. Please search your inbox for the information. If you did not receive the communication, please contact Scott Wilkes.

  • Email:
    • Questions and Technical Support for Canvas
    • Canvas Consultations for one-on-one assistance/training with Canvas Admin Team

This summer, TLT offered a 6-week Dual-Delivery Summer Camp. Though the live class is over, the Canvas Course Modules and Recorded Trainings are available for all instructors to review the material to prepare for fall. To gain access, complete the Dual Delivery Summer Camp Sign-Up Form.

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