Field Instructor and Task Supervisor Resources

In recognition social work excellence in field education

The Mandel School values the countless contributions that field instructors and task supervisors make to our students and field education program each year. If you have questions regarding any of the resources below, please contact the Field Education department at 216.368.2292.

Guidance for Remote Field Education Activities

March 30, 2020

Field Instructor Email

Field Instruction Student Email

Remote Field Activities Policy & Guidance

March 15, 2020

Field Instructor Email

Field Instruction Student Email

Field Education Manuals

Field Education Calendars

Intern Placement Tracking (IPT)

The Field Education Department utilizes the web-based IPT system to manage field education data. Below you will find a link to a tutorial designed to outline the basic functions of IPT for field instructors.  The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for setting up and using your IPT account, including audio and visual instruction.

Students and field instructors are provided with IPT accounts through the Field Education Department. Once you have been issued a username you can access the system by going to

Please contact your field faculty advisor or the Field Education Department at 216.368.2292 if you need assistance with IPT.