Class Attendance/Absence Policy

Students are expected to attend all classes. If a student is unable to attend class, they must let the instructor know in advance. A message on the instructor’s voice mail or email is sufficient if it is sent before the class meets. 

Students in class

Attendance will be taken at all class sessions. If the student misses a class, the student is responsible for making up any missed work and for obtaining any other information that was disseminated in class.

Students who miss more than 20% of class meetings, for any reason, will not be eligible to receive credit for the course and will be required to withdraw from it or receive a grade of F.

20% Defined by Format:

  • On-Campus / Weekly (14 weeks) = Three (3) Class Sessions
  • On-Campus / Weekly (12 weeks) = Two (2) Class Sessions
  • Intensive Weekend (5 days) = One (1) Day
  • Intensive Weekend (4 days) = Seven (7) Class Hours
  • Intensive Weekend (3 days) = Half (½) Day
  • Online (14 weeks) = Three (3) Live Sessions
  • Online (12 weeks) = Two (2) Live Session

Instructors may permit exceptions with prior consultation from the Assistant Dean for Student Services and with a written plan signed by both the student and instructor of how time missed from class will be made up. Please note, it is not generally possible to make up missed time because of the nature of most courses.

Policy reaffirmed 9-25-17 by majority faculty vote.