Lucille Hu '20

Lucille Hu

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Project title: “Investigating Methods and Mechanisms of Oligodendrocyte Restoration in Hypoxia-Induced White Matter Injury.”

Mentor: Drew Adams, Department of Genetics and Genome Science at the School of Medicine

Elevator Speech: Myelin is essential for efficient communication in the central nervous system, but its formation is significantly hindered in low-oxygen conditions. I am interested in more precisely understanding how oxygen deprivation makes myelin unable to form from its precursor cells as well as identifying chemical compounds that can overcome this blockage.

Reflection: "I enjoyed working full time in my lab very much, and stayed on campus for the whole duration of the summer. In addition to having the opportunity to learn and help introduce new techniques into our lab, working full time allowed me to fill in the gaps of my understanding of our lab’s work. I would absolutely recommend a summer research experience to any aspiring scientist because the additional time spent in the lab results in an exponential increase in understanding and skill. The most important takeaway I experienced was how to navigate setbacks and failures. Obtaining inexplicable results and negotiating through the unknown and unexpected nature of hypothesis-driven research was uncomfortable and humbling, helping to paint a more realistic picture of the challenges of science.."