Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (SOURCE-AHSS)


All CWRU undergraduate students conducting research in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences are eligible for SOURCE AHSS summer funding.  Students must identify a mentor prior to completing the SOURCE funding application.  Applicants must be continuing as CWRU undergraduates in Fall 2020 and awardees must be registered for fall classes prior to beginning the summer project. Projects must be completed under the supervision of a CWRU faculty member. Eligible faculty mentors include our affiliates at the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, the VA Hospital, University Circle museums and other affiliated institutions. Students may apply for funding to support research and creative projects, including stipend, travel, and materials. In addition, SOURCE will accept applications from students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for formal volunteer internship programs to which students have applied.

Students who are awarded full research scholarships ($3,500) cannot enroll in more than one summer class per session for a maximum for 8 hours (4 credits per session) during the summer.   However, SOURCE full-time summer funded students may not enroll in Physics 115, 116, 121, 122, 123 or 124.   If students wish to take a physics course or enroll for more than 8 credit hours over the summer they must apply as a part time applicant. While students may apply for funding for different projects, students may not accept funding for 2 different projects (that is, for example, students may not be part of the ENGAGE program and receive SOURCE funding for a separate project). If you are accepted into more than one program, you must choose in which program you want to participate. Faculty mentors may (and are encouraged to) supplement SOURCE funding with supplies and/or stipend support.

Application Procedure

Please note: Students cannot save and return to the online application.  It is necessary that students complete all application materials and have them available prior to beginning the online application.  

The online application consists of the following:

  1. Completion of all required application questions.  You will need to know your project mentor's department and email.
  2. A 3-6 page proposal (single- or double-spaced) to include:

    For Traditional Research or scholarly projects:
    • First Page: Title Page - Your name, major, project title, mentor's name, and department only on this first page
    • Following Pages - Objective (big picture of proposal),  Introduction (background information about project with literature citations), project description, methodology, time commitment required for the project, connection with your educational and career goals, and budget summary
    • If your project involves human subjects that require IRB approval, you must include a section in your proposal about where you are in the IRB approval process
    • Last Page - (6 pages, maximum) - References
    For Proposals for Volunteer Internships and other programs specifically for humanities, arts, and social science students ONLY
    • First Page: Title Page: Your name, major, mentor's name, and department
    • Following Pages: Position Title (Example: Archivist for Museum of Natural History)
    • Institution/Group (Example: Smithsonian)
    • Internship Description - Please include the program website link
    • (Project) Description of expected responsibilities (What will you do?)
    • Connection with your present educational experience, include literature citations.
    • Connection with your future education and career goals (What will you learn and how does this connect to your future?) 
    • Time commitment - full time, part-time, beginning date, expected end date
    • Application submitted date
    • Expected notification date
    • Budget summary (may include: flight, housing, board, supplies, fees, stipend, etc.)
    • If your project involves human subjects that require IRB approval, you must include a section in your proposal about where you are in the IRB approval process
    • Repeat the information for each program to which you are applying
    • Last Page: (6 pages, maximum) - References
  3. Resume (this should be the last page of item #2)

Faculty Mentor Sponsor Form

Please see below.

Application Deadline

The online application deadline is the Friday before spring break at 11:59 PM. An application is considered complete when both the online application and the Faculty Mentor Support Form are submitted.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed to confirm that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria. The selection committee will evaluate application files and identify recipients based on the strength and educational value of the proposal, the feasibility of the project, and the overall support of the faculty sponsor.

Funding Announcement

SOURCE will inform students about funding status on or by April 11, 2020.

Online Funding Application 



                         Summer Funding Application

Difficulty accessing application?  If you have problems opening the application or uploading documents please try another internet browser (Internet Explorer or Safari) or use incognito mode (or private browsing). Plugins may interfere with parts of the form functionality. You may also need to be logged into your CWRU email and log out of any other programs online.

Difficulty attaching your proposal?  Please note that your browser security setting or add-ons can prevent the form from loading or submitting correctly.  If you run into any issues, follow the steps below:

1.  Copy the form link

2.  Launch a new browser window with private browsing enabled:

     a.  Google chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N

     b.  Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + P

     c.  Apple Safari: Shift + Command + N

3.  Paste the form link into the new browser window and complete your application.

                               Faculty Sponsor Form