2020 SOURCE Summer Research Scholars

Below is a more comprehensive look at our 2020 SOURCE Summer Research Scholars:

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Our students are working across the University on very impressive research projects!  Here are a few of their stories.

Jahnavi Pejavar

Jahnavi Pejavar

Major: Chemical Engineering

Project title: “Using Block Copolymers to Create Ordered Charge Patterns of Hyaluronic Acid”

Mentor: Julie Renner, PhD


Vishal Senthilkumar

Vishal Senthilkumar

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Project title: “Endothelium reliance on transcriptional activation of HIF to support bone marrow regeneration” 

Mentor: Diana Ramírez-Bergeron, PhD

Christiana Wang

Christiana Wang

Major: Biology 

Project title: “Developmental Control of Drosophila Meiosis”

Mentor: Nicole Crown, PhD