Mingda Chen

Mingda Chen
Major and research focus:

Chen is a biochemistry major and in the summer of 2019, his research was focused on diabetes, artery disease and chronic hypertension.

Project title and synopsis:

Chen’s project was titled “Modulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling by Arrestins and Protein S-Nitrosylation.”

Chen's synopsis of his research: "The human body is constantly under siege. Our immune system is the primary line of defense, recognizing and ignoring our own body, while vigorously attacking foreign invaders. By investigating the S-nitrosylation-dependent signal crosstalk between G protein-coupled receptor and immune signaling pathways, this research project aims to discover a mechanism to control the fine balance between too much immune activation (e.g. autoimmune disease) and not enough activation (e.g. immunodeficiency)."

Research mentors and funding source:

Chen's research mentors were Jonathan Stamler, MD, professor of medicine, and Richard Premont, PhD, associate professor of medicine, within the Institute for Transformative Molecular Medicine.  

Chen was funded by SOURCE through the Provost Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (PSURG) and the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) program.  

Biggest learning moment while doing research:

"I learned how to become an independent thinker as I had to do the work of research without step by step instructions," Chen said. 

Service and Leadership at CWRU:

Chen volunteers in the Geriatrics clinic and he also is a Tobacco Cessation Coach with the Seidman Cancer CenterMingda says, "I love exploring ways to help patients reduce smoking habits during cancer treatments."

Aspirations for the future:

Chen aspires to be a physician scientist and said, "in the future, as a physician scientist, when I encounter an unresolved clinical problem, I want to use my scientific skills to find a solution!"