Present at Intersections

Virtual Intersections - Monday, April 27

That's right, Intersections has been reimagined into a virtual experience held on Monday, April 27! Our revised format will allow you to share your research and hard work with our academic community. This format will also allow you to fulfill your capstone requirement as needed.

Our virtual format will allow for asynchronous presentations, including PDF posters, PowerPoint slides as well as recorded presentations submitted as MP4s.  Students can also present live (synchronous) via Zoom and we are working to include discussion boards where you can interact with and comment on other projects and presentations.

Learn more about how to participate in this virtual celebration of research and creative projects

What is Intersections?

Intersections: SOURCE Symposium and Poster Session is where CWRU undergraduates present their research and creative projects. Intersections is an opportunity for the University community and others to see the broad and diverse work that is being done across campus by our outstanding undergraduates.

Intersections is held three times a year: in December (Fall), April (Spring) and August (Summer). It is a fun and informative celebration featuring bright, creative students and supportive faculty mentors.

Snapshot of Presenters (December Intersections, 2019)

Below are a few of the students who presented at the Intersections event (Dec. 6, 2019). More than 150 projects (and more than 300 students!) from various majors were represented at Intersections.  

Brendan Allen

Brendan Allen

Major: Biochemistry; Pre-Health

Presentation Title: Identification of IER3IP1 interacting proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum using an Ascorbate Peroxidase-mediated biontinylation assay

Research Project Summary: Microcephaly, epilepsy, and neonatal diabetes syndrome (MEDS) is a rare pediatric neurodegenerative disease caused by a mutation in the immediate early response 3 interacting protein 1 (IER3IP1) gene.  It’s protein product, IER3IP1, has no known unknown function in the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) but is speculated to be involved in the movement of material from the ER to the Golgi. Moreover, the binding partners of IER3IP1 in this process are unknown; however, an ascorbate peroxidase (APEX)-mediated biotinylation assay can be used to determine the identities of these proteins and, in turn, form a clearer picture of IER3IP1’s function.

Halle Rose

Halle Rose

Major: Cognitive Science and English

Presentation Title: Yoga and Video Games: The Engagement & Tension of the Empathic and Analytic Neural Networks

Research Project Summary: Our work shows that participants engaged in yoga have greater success in socio-emotional tasks, while those who participated in video games performed with lesser aptitude; this paper provides support for the hypothesis that increased awareness of one’s own emotions--cultivated through the practice of yoga--will result in an improved ability to identify emotional states in others. Furthermore, our work demonstrates that strictly engaging the analytic network suppresses a participants ability to identify and understand the emotional states of others.

Zach H.

Zach Hennessey

Major: Business Management with International Concentration

Presentation Title: Impact Investment in Portugal

Research Project Summary: I was tasked with working various roles to achieve a broader understanding of the startup ecosystem in Europe and use the United States as a reference point to learn how it can play a role in helping Europe advance its ecosystem, specifically in the impact investment sector.

Poster Presentations

Students will be provided with a poster board of their choice (indicated in the registration) of 32"X40" or 40"X60".

Students will learn their poster number and location a few days prior to Intersections.  SOURCE will provide the easel, requested board size, and clips.  Students need only to provide the poster!

Patience is Appreciated

Students, please remember: SOURCE maintains the latest registration deadline possible. The SOURCE Office works hard to prepare for a successful, fun and engaging Intersections in four short weeks. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated, especially concerning communicating specific schedules and final details to you.

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