Printing Information

Preparing and Presenting your Poster

SOURCE works with several campus partners to provide these workshops to prepare you for making and presenting your poster.  We are grateful to each of these participating campus colleagues for sharing their time and expertise.  SOURCE encourages you to review the workshop selections and attend those that will help you in this important part of your research experience. 

Preparing and Presenting Your Poster Workshops


Printing Your Poster

Poster printing locations have changed, so please review your options and pay attention to deadlines for these resources.  SOURCE encourages that posters be printed on non-glossy regular paper, which is acceptable for Intersections (and also sustainable!).   However, SOURCE recommends that you discuss with your mentor to find out their expectations regarding poster paper and ink quality.  Printing costs are not covered by SOURCE.  Also, it is important that print your poster no larger than the size you chose on your registration form (40"x32" or 40"x60").

Printing Your Poster Options


If you have questions regarding the workshops and/or poster print options, please direct them to  


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