Printing Information

Students have several options for poster printing as well as poster quality. Posters may be printed on non-glossy regular paper, which is acceptable for Intersections ((and sustainable!). However, if you are planning to present your poster off-campus, you may want to print on glossy laminated paper.  SOURCE recommends that you discuss with your mentor to find out whether s/he has expectations regarding poster quality.  Printing costs are not covered by SOURCE.

The following locations offer printing services:

  1. The Kelvin Smith Library: Staff members are available during regular business hours to help with literature research, poster production and poster printing.
  2. Student Activities and Leadership: Offer plain paper color poster printing. They require one week’s notice. 
  3. think[box]: Self-service plain and glossy paper poster printing. 
  4. FedEx Kiosk in Thwing (CWRU Printing Services).


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