Registration and Information

Registration Deadlines - Summer 2020

  • Friday, July 17 - Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline
  • Friday, July 24 - Presentation Submission Deadline
  • Friday, July 31 - Virtual Intersections

How Summer Virtual Intersections Works

Students have two options for presenting their work at the Summer Virtual Intersections.  

Option 1 - Asynchronous Powerpoint presentation 

Students can submit an asynchronous powerpoint presentation, which is a recording of them presenting their research through in the powerpoint format.  powerpoint slides. 

Option 2 - Asynchronous Poster Presentation 

Students can submit an asynchronous poster presentation, which is a recording of them presenting their research displayed in a poster format. 

Please NOTE: In an effort to maximize the student's experience, the student presenter must be visible to the viewing audience. 

UTECH has instructional videos on using Zoom to record these types of presentations. There will also be a SOURCE Session on Improving Presentation Skills during the week of July 12.

Questions about any of the above can be routed to

Option 1 and 2 requirements:

A video recording of your PowerPoint or Poster presentation should be submitted as a link to a Zoom or MP4 file.

Limit your video presentations to approximately 7-10 minutes. If your mentor wants a longer presentation, please email We will work with you.

Include the last name of all presenters in your file name (e.g., Pedigo, Ramos, Pope) or individual presenters should submit theirs as Last Name, First Name (e.g. Pope, Bethany).

Virtual Intersections Registration, Abstract Submission and Deadlines for Summer Intersections

Virtual Intersections Registration Deadline and Abstract Submission

The registration deadline to register for Summer Intersections will be Friday, July 17.  Registration includes both your formal registration and also the abstract submission.  If you are able to register and submit your abstract at the same time, please click on the "Intersections Registration and Abstract Submission" button.  If you need to register first (via intersections registration button), please do so and then submit your abstract on its own by clicking the "Intersections Abstract Submission" button.  

Virtual Intersections Presentation Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit your asynchronous presentation (either Option 1 or 2) will be Friday, July 24.  More information is forthcoming. 

Faculty Endorsement

Students are required to include a Faculty name as their project advisor and/or endorser of their research presentation registration. It is understood that many undergraduate students engage in research and creative projects within collaborative teams of faculty, post-docs, lab staff, graduate students and undergraduate students centered on CWRU faculty members' larger research endeavors. In addition to approving the overall readiness of the presentation, faculty advisors and/or endorsers are approving the undergraduate student's own role and authorship of the project and results of what may be a piece of a larger project.

Click the blue button on the right to register! Submit an abstract on the right to complete registration! Both are required to completely register.