Registration, Abstract Submission, Presentation Submission and Information

Helpful Guides and Registration

How Virtual Intersections Works

Virtual Intersections allows students to provide synchronous and asynchronous presentations with posters and presentation tools, while also having a comment board for active discussion. Intersections will be begin on Friday, Dec 3 at 10 a.m.

3-Step Participation Process

Participation Deadlines

  1. Capstone Deadline: Friday, October 22, 2021
  2. Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  3. Abstract Submission Deadline: Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  4. Presentation Submission Deadline: Monday, November 29, 2021 (available in the right column soon).

Step One: Register to Participate

Complete the Virtual Intersections registration form. The deadlines to register to participate in Virtual Intersections are above.

Before starting the registration process (step 1), please review and have available the information needed for the online registration form for Virtual Intersections. The registration form cannot be saved for completion at a later time.

If you are presenting as a group: Please make sure you have all group members' names, majors, email addresses, and know whether or not your group wants to participate in the judging and if your group want a live presentation or live Q&A (all of this information will be requested). Groups need only complete one registration form for all members. The registration form allows for multiple presenters of one presentation. 

If you have questions, please email or

Step Two: Submit Your Abstract

Submit a properly formatted abstract (step 2) by dates noted above, formatted according to the Abstract Guidelines. The abstract can be submitted via the Abstract Submission Portal on the right. 

Make sure your Faculty Research Mentor (the person in whose lab you conducted research) is aware of and approves of your abstract and presentation. This includes approving the content of your abstract. Your abstract will automatically route to your Faculty Research Mentor (via the contact information you provide) when you submit the abstract submission form. You will receive confirmation when your mentor has reviewed, approved, commented or declined your abstract. Please respond accordingly, if necessary. Please make sure that you enter the email information correctly.

If you are presenting as a group: Groups need only submit one abstract submission form for all members. Make sure all members of your group have reviewed your abstract before submitting.

Step Three (Presentation Submission Deadline and Information)

Important: SOURCE has invested in the ForagerOne Symposium platform. Prior to submitting your presentation, please review the guidelines below about how to submit all of your presentation details within the Symposium platform.

To assist you with planning your presentation, plan to attend an Intersections preparation workshop to be announced soon, or view one of the recordings available on our seminars webpage.

Asynchronous/recorded presentations are required for all Intersections participants. Also, it is important to note that your faculty mentor is the authority and has the final say regarding your presentation requirements. The deadline to complete this step is above.

Please Note: Synchronous presentation details will be outlined on this page very soon, for now, please review the directions for Asynchronous presentations, below. 

Submitting Asynchronous (Recorded) Presentations

Prior to submitting the presentation on Symposium, please review and have available the information needed for the online presentation submission (Symposium) for Virtual Intersections. The registration form cannot be saved for completion at a later time.  

Within the Symposium format, you are required to select one of these (asynchronous/recorded) options. There are three options for asynchronous presentations:

  1. A poster/slides PDF with a required “voice over” presentation (with you visible) that is uploaded to YouTube. For an example, view presentations from the May 2021 Virtual Intersections. SOURCE recommends these videos be approximately 8 minutes in length. We encourage you to discuss this with your mentor.
  2. An “oral” video presentation utilizing your poster/slides. SOURCE recommends these videos be approximately 8 minutes in length, unless your mentor(s) have different time requirements.
  3. The third is a media option of a demonstration, performance or exhibit. This option allows for two video uploads: one of the demonstration, performance, etc. and the other of a “video voice over.”

Important: All asynchronous/recordings must be done on YouTube. Please make the YouTube video setting UNLISTED.

Resources for Zoom and YouTube Presentations

These resources may assist you in planning your virtual presentation:   

If you have any questions about participating in Virtual Intersections, please email or

Faculty Endorsement

Students are required to include a Faculty name as their project advisor and/or endorser of their research presentation registration (step 1). It is understood that many undergraduate students engage in research and creative projects within collaborative teams of faculty, post doctoral mentors, graduate students, laboratory staff and undergraduate students centered on CWRU faculty members' larger research endeavors. In addition to approving the overall readiness of the presentation, faculty advisers and/or endorsers are approving the undergraduate student's own role and authorship of the project and results of what may be a piece of a larger project.

Students need not have conducted the research on the Case Western Reserve campus to present at Intersections. Students must provide the name, institution and email of the non-CWRU mentor with whom they worked. This person must also approve the research presentation as CWRU faculty do.