On-Campus Research Opportunities


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The list below is kept as up-to-date as possible.  When utilizing this list of opportunities, SOURCE recommends that students review the faculty research profiles before emailing the faculty about opportunities.  Also, please remember that the opportunity list is only one means of finding opportunities.

Fall 2020 Undergraduate Research Opportunity List


Some Details About Fall 2020 Undergraduate Research:

For students who had a research experience prior to March 2020:

The labs are reopening slowly.  Each lab has different capabilities regarding space and participation.  SOURCE recommends that you work directly with your mentor to determine whether or not you can return to your research opportunity this fall semester.

For students new to research and looking for opportunities:

SOURCE understands that there are fewer opportunity available this semester, and encourages students to take advantage of new research programming (see below).

About Cleveland Clinic Opportunities:

Cleveland Clinic has decided that they will have no undergraduate students for the remainder of 2020.  They do not know yet when a decision will be made about spring 2021.  SOURCE will keep you informed as we are informed from the Cleveland Clinic.  In addition, SOURCE has learned the the Lerner Research Institute Biomedical Engineering Department cannot accept students for remote work during this fall semester.

For first- and second-year students (especially) who are concerned about getting behind in research:

SOURCE reminds you that this year is different. Graduate and professional schools are well aware that many students are not on-campus and that undergraduate research is limited. Again, SOURCE encourages students to take advantage of research programming (see below) to increase your research awareness and skill development before getting an opportunity.  

What can students do if they cannot find a research or creative endeavor experience?

There is PLENTY that students can do!  From the SOURCE Summer Research Scholars, SOURCE discovered that there are many ways for students to learn about and participate in research without being in the lab directly.  

Working with faculty, staff and students, SOURCE is developing a menu of workshops for research, professional and practical skills development. In addition, a resource list of online research skill development opportunities will be available.  Information about these events and resources will be posted here on the SOURCE website as well as in the weekly Thrive and FYI.

If you have questions or want assistance, please contact source@case.edu or schedule an appointment through My Journey.


Opportunities also available in several places on Handshake, including: 

1) Campus Employment

Many faculty will list paid research opportunities through campus employment on Handshake.  

2) Experiential Learning - Internships

Many research internship positions with companies (for-profit and not-for-profit) are listed on Handshake.  SOURCE encourages you to attend an upcoming Career Fair  or Career Lab session to discuss starting your Internship search.