Educational Seminars and Information Sessions

SOURCE is pleased to host a wide variety of educational seminars and information sessions including:

  1. SOURCE 2022 Summer Learning Sessions
  2. "All About Finding Research" Information Session 
  3. Professional Skills and Graduate School Prep Workshops
  4. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) 4-part seminar
  5. Preparing for Intersections

SOURCE Summer 2022 Learning Sessions

Tuesday Schedule:

Note: Most sessions start at either 9 am or 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.  All sessions are virtual via Zoom.  *Denotes a Tuesday session that occurs at a different time other than 9 am or 4 pm.  **Denotes a session that occurs on a different day than Tuesday.  

  • CWRU Students: To attend any (or all) of these sessions, please register via Handshake. 
  • Non-CWRU Students: To attend any (or all) of these sessions, please register via Google.  (The google link will be provided here).

May 31, 9 am 

  • Intro, Welcome and Announcements, Dr. Sheila Pedigo (SOURCE Director); 
  • Presentation: “Why Research is Important,” Dr. Nicole Crown, Assistant Professor, Biology Department.

**Monday, June 6, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

  • “Research Ethics for Undergraduate Researchers,” Tracy Wilson-Holden, Assistant Vice President, Research Integrity.

June 7, 4 pm

  • Student Presentations
  • “Getting to Know How to Use the Cwru Library for Research”, CWRU Research services librarians Kelvin Smith Library: Evan Meszaros and Daniela Solomon.

June 14, 4 pm 

  • Student Presentations
  • “Introduction to Intellectual Property”, Daniel Pendergast, CWRU Senior Director of Operations, Technology Transfer Office. 

June 21, 4 pm 

  • Student Presentations
  • “Rhodes, Truman, Fulbright and More”, Dr. Karie Feldman, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies.

*June 28, 10 am 

  • [No Student Presentations] 
  • “Organizing for Success: Grad School Prep for STEM Majors”, Dr. Ina Martin, Director, MORE Center.

July 5, 4 pm

  • Student Presentations
  • Open Discussion with SOURCE staff.

July 12, 4 pm

  • Student Presentations
  • “CWRU LaunchNET - Moving from Innovation to Market,” Bob Sopko, Director, CWRU LaunchNET Office.

July 19, 9 am

  • Student Presentations
  • “Preparing for Intersections: Improving Presentation Skills and How to Make a Poster Presentation,” Michelle Cseh, Assistant Director, Student Advancement.

July 26, 4 pm 

  • Student Presentations
  • “Tips for Resume Writing,”, Laura Papcum, Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services, Post Graduate Planning and Experiential Education.

August 2, 9 am

  • Student Presentations 
  • “Applying to Medical School and The Admissions Process”, Dr. Oliver, Cleveland Clinic and Thomas Mckenzie, Assistant Director of Admissions, CWRU Med School, 9 am 

Wednesday Sessions:

Note: The main purpose of these sessions is to enhance the research knowledge and skills of its participants.  All sessions are virtual and will be based on Eastern Standard Time (EST), most start at either 9 am or 4 pm (EST). *Denotes a Wednesday session that occurs at a different time other than 9 am or 4 pm.  

    • CWRU Students: To attend any (or all) of these sessions, please register via Handshake.
    • Non-CWRU Students: To attend any (or all) of these sessions, please register via Google.  (The google link will be provided here).

    June 1, 4 pm

    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Dr. Drew Adams, “Where Chemistry and Biology Meet: Toward Entrepreneurship In Drug Discovery,” Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences

    June 8, 4 pm

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Jacob Scott, “The Equations of Life: Mathematical Models of Evolution in Bacteria and Cancer,” Department of Translational Hematology and Oncology Research

    June 15, 4 pm

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Richard Zigmond, "The Roles for Neutrophils and Macrophages in Degeneration and Regeneration of the Peripheral Nervous System,” Departments of Neurosciences, Neurological Surgery and Pathology

    June 22, 4 pm 

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Yolanda Fortenberry, Title: TBD, Department of Biology

    June 29, 9 am 

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Jennifer Hawkins, "Illustrating Research Motivation, Contribution, and Effective Data Visualization Using Current Research on 'Antitrust During the Great Depression,” Department of Economics 

    July 6, 4 pm 

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Lydia Kisley, "Science at the Ultimate Concentration Limit - Imaging One Molecule at a Time,” Department of Physics 

    July 13, 9 am 

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Andrew Schoffstall, "Minimizing Trauma at the Neural Tissue-Device Interface,” Department of Biomedical Engineering

    *July 20, 10 am

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Julia Dobrosotskaya, Title: TBD, Department of Mathematics

    July 27, 4 pm

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Bryan Schmidt, "Flow Instabilities in a Mach 4 Boundary Layer,” Department of Mechanical Aerospace and Engineering

    August 3, 9 am 

    • Student Presentations
    • Dr. Burcu Gurkan, “Electrolytes for Energy Storage,” Department of Chemical Engineering

    Summer Intersections, August 4, 10 am – 12 pm, Location Tinkham Veale Student Center

    Looking for Research? Attend the info session, "All About Finding Research"

    Offered Virtually and In Person! This 50-minute (virtual) information session provides you with the basic information for finding research on and around CWRU during the academic year and provides some guidance for students looking for summer research.  Fall Dates will be available in August.

    Professional Skills and Graduate School Prep Workshops

    Communication Skills 101

    Offered Virtually!  This workshop will cover communication best practices including: preparation, timing, expectations, effective connections and various emotional intelligence themes.  Also, attention will be given to communicating effectively with a range of faculty, marketplace professionals and leaders.

    Date: February 24, 4 pm.  Registration is available via Handshake.  

    The Graduate School Admission Process in STEM Fields: Organizing for Success

    Offered Virtually! This workshop will cover many components of the graduate application process, with a particular focus on STEM students.  Also, a panel of faculty share in depth knowledge of the graduate admissions process.

    Date: March 15, 6 pm.  Registration is available via Handshake.  

    Professional Skills in Research Teams

    Offered virtually!  This workshop will provide various applications of professional communication skills related to conducting research (e.g. communicating with faculty) as well as how to stay organized and manage your time effectively.  Also, specific attention will be given to research lab notebooks and e-books.  

    Date: March 24, 6 pm.  Registration is available via Handshake.  

    Applying to Graduate School in Social Sciences - and Writing Those Pesky Personal Statements

    Offered Virtually! This workshop will have a particular focus on personal statements for students who plan to pursue graduate education in the Social Sciences field.   

    Date: April 7, 7 p.m.  Registration is available via Handshake.    

    Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

    Conducted each Fall and/or Spring semester, the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is a 4-part seminar series focused on research ethics for undergraduate researchers.  Students who complete all four sessions receive a Certificate of Completion. Each RCR installment will be held virtually and sessions are 50 minutes. Please register for each on Handshake using the links below.

    Session 1: Communication & Collaboration in Research, Monday, January 31, 3:15 - 4:05 p.m. 

    This session will cover what you should expect from the relationships you have with the principal investigator, the graduate students, post-docs, and lab staff and understanding what training you should have before you start.

    Session 2: Data Management, Monday, February 14, 3:15 - 4:05 p.m.

    Data management encompasses many topics including acquisition, analysis, security, confidentiality, sharing, custody, and retention of data. This seminar will introduce the standards available for managing research data and providing guidelines for best practices.

    Session 3: Lab Safety, Monday, February 28, 3:15 - 4:05 p.m.

    Research involves inherent risks to those working in the laboratory. If you plan to work with viruses, radiation, or other potentially harmful substances, learn how to protect yourself and understand what training you should have before you start.

    Session 4: Humans & Animal Research, Monday, March 21, 3:15 - 4:05 p.m.

    When performing research involving humans or animals it is important to understand your responsibilities.  This session will cover how to protect human subjects in research as well as outline the practices employed by the University to ensure humane care and use of animals in research.

    RCR is co-sponsored by the Office of Research Administration and SOURCE.  

    Preparing for Intersections

    Planning to present at Intersections? Attend these workshops:

    The Elevator Pitch Workshops: Presenting Your Research to Strangers

    Presented by Dr. Bill Doll and Dr. Barbara Burgess-Van Aken, these workshop will share valuable advice on explaining complex research, maximizing the potential of your video format, as well as strategies for answering questions about your research.

    Pitches on Video: Friday, April 8, 12:45 - 2 p.m. Virtual Zoom Session. Register on Campus Groups.

     - This session will help students to learn how to present their research effectively while maximizing the potential of the video format.

    Pitches in Person: Wednesday, April 13, 12:45 - 2 p.m., Nord 356. Register on Campus Groups.

     - This session will help students learn to explain their complex research succinctly in face-to-face situations.

    Preparing for Intersections: Improving Presentation Skills (Virtual, Poster, and PowerPoint Presentations)

    Friday, April 8, 3:15 p.m. Register and obtain Zoom link on Handshake.

    This is a virtual session and will be presented by Michelle Cseh, Assistant Director of Student Advancement, Academic Resources, English Language Resources. It will provide information on how to present via video, how to prepare your PowerPoint and how to make a poster.