Educational Seminars and Information Sessions

SOURCE is pleased to host a wide variety of educational seminars, events and information sessions including:

"All About Finding Research and Creative Endeavors" Information Session

Looking for Research? Attend this info session! Offered virtually, this 50-minute information session provides you with the basic information for finding research on and around CWRU during the academic year and provides some guidance for students looking for summer research. Registration via Handshake will be available soon.  

Fall 2023 Schedule:TBD

Summer Learning Sessions

Summer Learning Sessions are available to all students participating in undergraduate research at CWRU during summer 2023. Sessions are designed to help students build skills, learn about the research community at CWRU and in Cleveland, and share their own work.

Sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer. Consult the scheduled below for detailed information.

Tuesday Sessions

Most sessions start at either 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. ET and all sessions are virtual via Zoom. *Denotes a Tuesday session that occurs at a different time other than 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. **Denotes a session that occurs on a different day than Tuesday.

CWRU Students: To attend any (or all) of the Tuesday sessions, register via Handshake.

Date Time Title Presenter(s)
June 6 4 p.m. KSL Resources for Summer Research CWRU Kelvin Smith Library Research Services Librarians Karen Oye, Evan Meszaros and Daniela Solomon 
**June 7 9 a.m. Ethics for Undergraduate Researchers TBD
June 13 4 p.m. Introduction to Intellectual Property Daniel Pendergast, senior director of operations, CWRU Technology Transfer Office
June 20 4 p.m. Applying to Medical School and the Admissions Process Tom McKenzie, assistant director of admission at CWRU Medical School and Liz Myers, director of admissions and financial aid at Cleveland Clinic
June 27 9 a.m. Organizing for Success: Navigating Graduate School Applications (for STEM Majors) Ina Martin, MORE Center director of operations, Department of Physics
July 11 4 p.m. CWRU LaunchNet - Moving Ideas Forward Bob Sopko, director of CWRU LaunchNet
July 18 9 a.m. Preparing for Intersections: Improving Presentation Skills and How to Make a Poster Presentation Shaun Hoverston, assistant director of academic resources
July 25 4 p.m. Tips for Resume Building Laura Papcum, associate director of employer relations
Aug. 1 4 p.m. Fellowships and Scholarships Jason Morris, dean and Honor's College director at Abilene Christian University, Office of Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships
Aug. 3 10 a.m. Summer Intersections Summer Student Researchers

Wednesday Sessions

Most sessions start at either 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. ET and all sessions are virtual via Zoom. *Denotes a Wednesday session that occurs at a different time other than 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. **Denotes a unique session.

CWRU Students: To attend any (or all) of the Wednesday sessions, register via Handshake.

Date Time Title Presenter(s)
May 31 9 a.m. Metabolic Requirements During Bone Marrow-Derived MSC Chondrogenesis Harihara Baskaran, Department of Chemical and BioMolecular Engineering
**June 7 9 a.m. Ethics for Undergraduate Researchers TBD
*June 7 2 p.m. Multiplex strategies for designing tissue engineering scaffolds for cells Sam Senyo, Department of Biomedical Engineering
June 14 4 p.m. Better living through electricity: Circuit-based neuromodulation in the treatment of neurological disease Kenneth Baker, Department of Neuroscience
June 21 9 a.m. The neuroscience of fly flight Jessica Fox, Department of Biology
June 28 9 a.m. Genetic and environmental contributions to neurodegenerative disease Aaron Burberry, Department of Pathology
July 5 9 a.m. TBD Roger Quinn, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
July 12 4 p.m. Social Factors Increasing Risk for Psychosis Sarah Hope Lincoln, Department of Psychological Sciences
July 19 9 a.m. Neighborhood Health Research Methods Adam Perzynski, Department of Sociology
July 26 4 p.m. The Human Genomics Revolution: Biomedical Research Becomes Quantitative Thomas LaFramboise, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences
Aug. 2 4 p.m. Mitochondrial Fission in Cell Health and Disease Jason Mears, Department of Pharmacology
Aug. 3 10 a.m. Summer Intersections Student Summer Researchers

Preparing for Intersections: Improving Presentation Skills and How to Make a Poster

Date: Summer Session, TBD.

This is an in person session and will be presented by James Eller, Associate Director, Student Advancement and Academic Resources. It will provide information on how to present in person, how to prepare your PowerPoint and how to make a poster.

Graduate School Prep Workshops

The Graduate School Admission Process in STEM Fields: Organizing for Success

This workshop will cover many components of the graduate application process, with a particular focus on STEM students.  Also, a panel of faculty share in depth knowledge of the graduate admissions process.

Date: Fall Schedule, TBD.

Tailoring Personal Statements for Graduate School

This session will feature Dr. Gabrielle Parkin, Director of Writing Center and Department of English Faculty Member. 

Date: Fall Schedule, TBD.

Applying to Graduate School in Social Sciences - and Writing Those Pesky Personal Statements

Offered Virtually! This workshop will have a particular focus on personal statements for students who plan to pursue graduate education in the Social Sciences field. 

Date: Fall Schedule, TBD.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Conducted each Fall and/or Spring semester, the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is a 4-part seminar series focused on research ethics for undergraduate researchers.  Students who complete all four sessions receive a Certificate of Completion. Each RCR installment will be held virtually and sessions are 50 minutes. Dates: TBD for Fall 2023

Session 1: Communication & Collaboration in Research

Session 2: Lab Safety

Session 3: Humans & Animal Research

Session 4: Data Management

RCR is co-sponsored by the Office of Research Administration and SOURCE.


Past presentations and resources are available for download. Review the information on your own time!