Two CWRU chemistry students in the lab

Study chemistry, business, and innovation.

Overview: The Chemistry Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)is a two-year professional MS in Chemistry (Entrepreneurship Track) offered by the Department of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University. You will study state-of-the-art chemistry, practical business, and technology innovation while you work on a real-world entrepreneurial project with an existing company or your own startup. The CEP will help connect you with mentors, advisors, partners, funding sources and job opportunities.

Who Enrolls?

Individuals who have a bachelors, masters, or PhD in a chemistry-related field, including chemical engineering. CEP students typically have a strong work ethic, an aptitude for creative problem solving and a passion for creating and launching new things. Typically, CEP students do not wish to follow the traditional career path of researcher.


Minimum of a 4-year bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a chemistry-related field, including biochemistry and chemical engineering. 15% of CEP students hold a masters or PhD.

Tuition and Financial Assistance

A limited number of merit-based part-time teaching assistantships are available. These assistantships provide up to one third tuition support with no stipend, and are offered to students who exhibit excellence in academics as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. It should be noted that most CEP students are employed in a well-paying internship before the end of the first year.

Careers and Salaries

CEP prepares students to work as an integral part of a start-up or small company in diverse research or technology-centered environments. CEP graduates currently work for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100, and hold diverse positions that include CTO, Program Manager, Project Manager, Chief Scientist/Engineer, Chief Technologist, Director of Professional Services, Integrated Services Engineer, Project Coordinator, Business Development Associate and Executive Director. According to a 2009 survey by the National Professional Science Master’s Association, the average salary of CEP alumni is approximately $70,000. Starting salaries are usually lower.


CEP instructors have extensive international experience in both the practice and study of innovation. Students are exposed to a mixture of theory and practical knowledge.


JumpStart, BioEnterprise, The Northcoast Angels, and the Cleveland Clinic assist CEP faculty in bringing the outside world to campus. This takes many forms, such as entrepreneurs and executives presenting “live” case studies in the classroom, identification of project opportunities for students, and guest speakers for the monthly STEP seminar series. Furthermore, students can compete for internship positions in BioEnterprise, Inc,. and the Cleveland Clinic, which are advertised during the first semester.