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Payments, Billing, and Refunds

E-Bills and Billing Notices

We issue tuition bills electronically monthly. If the student has a balance, he or she and any financial authorized user will receive a billing notification email to their CWRU email address or the email address for the authorized user. We do not mail paper bills. Find out how to access your E-Bill by checking out the View Statements section of the SIS Finances User Guide

Students have the option to select a preferred email address. If you select an email address other than your university-affiliated address, you are still responsible for forwarding all university emails to the preferred email address. The university only communicates with its students by email through their CWRU email addresses.

Credit card fees               

Payments made with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a Discover Card will be charged a 2.7% service fee by the credit card processing agent. Credit card payments are an online payment option only.

Foreign currency and wire transfers      

Case Western Reserve University partners with Flywire to streamline tuition payments for international students. With this service, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save money, as compared to traditional banks.  You will be notified via email with instructions on how to pay Flywire from your home country bank account and when the university receives your payment.

To begin the international wire transfer process, go to Flywire's website at  You also can select this option when you log into Student Information System and navigate to the online payment feature. Individuals who wish to do a domestic wire transfer will need to contact the Student Financial Services office at 216.368.2226 for our banking information.

Payments applied to account    

Payments are applied to tuition accounts and not specific charges. Payments are applied to the most current balance. 


Students/Authorized Users who wish to remit tuition payments in person can do so only at the Cashier's Office located in room 165 of Yost Hall, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Third-party sponsors     

Written authorization is required for special billing arrangements. If a third party (example: an employer, private trust fund, and domestic, foreign, or other government agency) will pay all or part of your tuition and fees, Student Financial Services will bill your sponsor directly. A copy of your sponsor's agreement must be forwarded to Student Financial Services during the first week of each semester.

Prepaid college plans/529 plans              

Students who will make payments from 529 plans* must allow for sufficient time to process the payment and have it mailed to the university. Make the check payable to Case Western Reserve University, clearly marked with the student's name and seven-digit ID number. Mail the check to:

Case Western Reserve University
Cashier's Office
Yost Hall Room 165
10900 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio

*A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs.


Refunds due to overpayment will be issued only after all charges are paid in full. The refund process can begin as early as the first week of the semester. There are two methods of distribution:

  • Mail a check to the student’s current address in the SIS system
  • Enroll in direct deposit

Check out the Direct Deposit Enrollment section of the SIS Finances User Guide to learn how to enroll in direct deposit of your refund.

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Late Payments

Late fees

Any account that remains unpaid after each semester's due date will be charged a late fee during monthly billing cycles at the rate of 1.5%.       

Late registration fees

The University Registrar will charge a late registration fee to any registration received on or after the second day of the semester.

Returned checks

CWRU redeposits returned checks automatically and without notice. Penalties may be charged to CWRU for checks returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds (NSF checks). Any penalties will be charged to the student's account. When a check is returned, the university reserves the right to require payment by cash or certified funds.

Occasionally, an online payment from a checking or saving account is invalid. Both the payer and the student will receive an email informing them why the payment failed. Within a few days, the university will be informed and the payment will be removed from the account.    

Delinquent accounts

Accounts that remain unpaid after the due date are placed on financial hold. The "Past Due Balance" hold will prohibit the student from participating in registration. This hold also will prevent the release of transcripts or a diploma. In addition, past due accounts will be charged a 1.5% late fee during monthly billings starting with the first bill after the payment deadline.

Financial "hold"

An account being delinquent will cause a financial hold. Accounts that remain unpaid after the due date will be placed on a Past Due Balance hold. This hold will prevent the student from participating in registration, and the Registrar's Office will not honor any requests for transcripts or diplomas. In addition, you will be charged a 1.5% late fee during our monthly billings.

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Academic Separation

Decisions regarding academic separation are generally made between semesters, before tuition for any subsequent semester has been posted.  Students who have registered for classes for a new semester and have been charged tuition and other fees will be subject to the same refund policy as students who have voluntarily withdrawn. If a student is living in a CWRU housing unit at the time of academic separation, housing fee refunds will be prorated from the time the student received keys until the time the keys are returned. To re-enroll following academic separation, a student must have no outstanding balances due. (See Financial Hold) For more information, go to or call 216.368.3780.

Term Withdrawal      

Students who discontinue all studies during the semester (even if enrolled in only one course) must contact their respective dean and registrar who will provide the official withdrawal date.

Tuition charges for the semester will be a percentage of the tuition cost based on the number of weeks in session. The withdrawal process will not be considered complete until either a signed withdrawal from is received by the Registrar's Office or an online withdrawal is processed by the Registrar's Office.

Withdrawal forms must be received no later than seven days from the final approval from the Dean's Office. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. No one will be allowed complete withdrawal after the last day of class. Please check the refund schedule.

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Student Living

Meal Plans

Meal plan are available to students living on campus. If a meal plan has not been used, expenses will be refunded. For more information, go to or call 216.368.5844.


CaseCash is a convenient way to purchase a variety of items both on and off campus with the use of your CaseOneCard (student ID). To learn more, visit

Bookstore Bucks

Case Western Reserve University and the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore are pleased to offer the "Bookstore Bucks" program, which allows students to charge textbooks and academic supplies directly to the student's tuition account. This program is available to all CWRU undergraduates.

If you wish to add these costs to the tuition account, hand your CaseOneCard (student ID) to the bookstore's cashier and ask that your purchases be charged to "Bookstore Bucks." Be sure to keep your receipts so you can track your Bookstore Bucks purchases and process any returns or exchanges. Each undergraduate student is eligible to charge up to $625 in Bookstore Bucks per semester, starting two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester and ending after the third week of classes.

Charges made using Bookstore Bucks will appear on the student's tuition account. Payment of the Bookstore Bucks charges remains the student's responsibility. Students will be billed for their Bookstore Bucks charges in the same manner as they are billed for tuition and fees. The payment date will be listed on the bill.

One to One Fitness Center fees (graduate and professional students only)

Graduate and professional students will receive discounted memberships ($116 for Fall, $145 for Spring, and no initiation fee) to One to One Fitness Center, a CWRU fitness center on Adelbert Road. The fee plus sales tax will be included in graduate and professional students’ university charges in the fall and spring semesters unless they choose to opt out through the Student Information System. The opt-out option closes as of the tuition due date. The membership fee for each term is billed in a lump sum. This fee can be waived and excess Financial Aid can cover this fee, only if the student elects. Please see the One to One Fitness and the Excess Aid Permission section of the SIS Finances User Guide for more information on the waiver and Financial Aid process.

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Financial Aid, Scholarships, Study Abroad, Co-op Students

Financial aid pending

Financial aid will be listed as pending on the first two bills of the fall and spring semesters. The actual posting of financial aid to your account will occur during the first two weeks of the semester, as the funds become available. Students and authorized users are advised to monitor the account for missing aid. If the student/authorized user sees that a grant, scholarship or loan is missing, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 216.368.4530.

Outside scholarships

If you have received a scholarship from an organization outside of the university, that check needs to be given to the Financial Aid Office so it can be credited to your tuition account. If the organization requires the university to send them a bill for the scholarship, the organization must send a written request for a bill to the Student Financial Services office. This request must provide the student's name, and 7-digit ID number.

Study abroad

Students who will participate in a study abroad program will be charged tuition as if they would be on campus. As such, those fees are payable by the semester's due date. 

Co-op students/Practicum

Students who participate in a university-sanctioned co-op will be charged a fee. This fee will appear on the student's tuition account and be subject to the same payment deadline for the semester in which it appears.

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Tax Information

Tax forms - 1098

CWRU is required to provide IRS Form 1098-T to each student. Students will receive an email in mid-January to inform them that the 1098-T is available for viewing in the Student Information System (SIS). The form will be found under the "Finances section" on the Student Information System homepage. Click "other financial" and you will find the option "View 1098-T."  To view the prior year's data, you must consent to view this form online first by pressing the green "Grant Consent" button at the bottom of the page.  Once consent is given, the form is available to be viewed or printed from the site.

The university does not give tax advice on how to use this form. If you have such questions, please contact your tax preparer or the IRS.

If you believe the figures reported on the 1098-T form are incorrect, contact Student Financial Services by email at or by phone at 216.368.2226.

Please Note: Universities are only required to fill out Box 1 OR Box 2. Case Western Reserve University elects to fill out Box 2 ONLY.

Tax forms - w2

Questions regarding the W-2 must be directed to the Payroll Office, which is part of the university's Controller's Office. Call the Payroll Office at 216.368.4290 or email

Tax identification numbers       

The federal tax ID number for Case Western Reserve University is 34-1018992.

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Student Medical Plan waivers

Anyone who registers automatically is charged a health insurance fee. If you have comparable health insurance, you can waive the university's coverage. To submit your health waiver, click the "Waive Optional Fees" link that appears in the Student Information System's Finances section. Once registration ends, the option to waive the health insurance disappears in the Student Information System. After registration ends, you may be able to complete a late waiver appeal by contacting the Student Medical Plan department. 

Tuition waivers

For faculty or staff tuition waivers, please contact the Office of Human Resources, 224 Crawford Hall, at 216.368.3166 or go to For graduate or departmental waivers, please contact your department.

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Student education records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal law that applies to schools, colleges and universities. Students who are enrolled at Case Western Reserve University have the right to prevent disclosure of their educational records. Under FERPA, the university may not release personally identifiable student records to a third party, with certain specific exceptions, unless the third party has requested the information in writing and the student has consented to the release in writing. There are additional guidelines that are helpful for parents.

For more information, visit our Privacy page.

Authorized users

Students can grant access to another individual by making that person an Authorized User of the Student Information System. As for the level of access (student finances, academic information, student center) will be determined by the student. Authorized users with financial access can view the bill, billing history, account activity, pending aid, and can make an online payment. Find out how to Set Up Authorized Users in the SIS Finances User Guide

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