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Student Financial Services

School of Dental Medicine

School of Dental Medicine

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Tuition Rates
Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)1  $32,330/semester
Dental Graduate Programs2 $26,535/semester
Expanded Function Dental
Auxiliary Certificate Program

1Non-degree students are charged $1,620/credit hour

2Non-degree students are charged $2,210/credit hour

Summer 2016 Tuition Rates
Summer clinic, all participants $2,970/term


Additional Fees and Expenses
Health plan $986/semester
One to One Fitness (Spring fee includes Summer) Fall $116 + sales tax, Spring $145 + sales tax 
Activity fee  $125/semester
Graduate Student Council Fee
(Students entering Fall 2015 & later)
Clinic computer lease fee3  $95/semester
Lab Fee - All DMD Students $295/semester
Exam Fee - 1st year DMD Students $27.50/semester
Course Fee - 2nd year DMD Students (Fall only)  $949 
Dental Kits - 1st year DMD Students (Fall only)4 $9,819.53 
Dental Kits - 2nd year DMD Students (Fall only)4 $6,777.05 
Dental Kits Supplemental - 2nd year DMD Students (Fall only) $262.38
Multimedia Package - 1st year DMD Students (Fall Only) $801.02 
Multimedia Package - 2nd year DMD Students (Fall Only) $910.07 
Multimedia Package - 3rd year DMD Students (Fall Only) $891.07 
Multimedia Package - 4th year DMD Students (Fall Only) $882.85 
Instrument Leasing Fee - All DMD Students $123.50/semester 

3This fee is charged to DMD and Graduate Dental Students.

4Students have the option of paying for the dental kits at the Schein store, conveniently located in the School of Dental Medicine, using a credit card. The School of Dental Medicine will apply a waiver, at the time of dental kit pickup, to the student's account if this option is chosen.

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