Finances Overview

In the Finances section of SIS, you can access the following areas:

  1. Account Summary: A quick synopsis of your financial account. This balance may include multiple semesters. "Billed Due" is the total due that have been formally invoiced to you, while "Not Yet Billed" are new items that have appeared since your last invoice or items from future semesters. Any known "Anticipated Aid" will be totaled here. 
  2. Account Inquiry: View account details or make a payment. 
  3. Waive Optional Fees:
    • Student Medical Plan Waiver: The CWRU Medical Plan fee is automatically charged on a per semester basis to students registered for one or more credit hours. If you already have health coverage, you are eligible to waive the Medical Plan fee.
    • 121 Fitness Waiver (for graduate and professional students only): The 121 Fitness fee is charged automatically on a per semester basis at the time of registration for access to the 121 Fitness Center facilities on campus. You may waive the fee if you do not want to be enrolled in the fitness plan. This is an opt-out option and applies only to graduate and professional students. 
  4. Account Activity: View up-to-the-minute account activity and history.
  5. Manage Student Refunds: Enroll in direct deposit for refunds from financial aid disbursements and any other overpayments. You may also request online that refunds be automatically applied to future charges. 
  6. Payments: View all credits applied to your account. 
  7. Pending Aid: View financial aid that is expected to post to your account. (Please verify with the Office of University Financial Aid that all required documents are complete.) 
  8. View Billing Statements/Make a Payment: View your billing statements and make payments to your account. 
  9. Authorized Users: Set up an authorized user account for parents, spouses, or other third parties who you would like to have access to your student financials and/or class schedules and grades. 
  10. View Student Permissions: Use this section to grant financial aid permission to pay the 121 Fitness Center fee (graduate and professional students only).
  11. Other Financial Links: Access external financial resources.